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Another example of the incredible cost of ignorance from decades of vaccine lies

Started by Dr. Naomi Hunter, Dec 02, 2020, 12:42:53 PM

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Dr. Naomi Hunter

"$8000 in vet bills. Vaccine company denied reimbursement.

Mind blown brahs.

Our pup came down with Parvo after having three rounds of shots exactly on time. Emergency vet said the vaccine companies always stand behind their guarantees if the schedule was followed. Said we should easily get at least 50% treatment costs paid back.

Got him home this morning after 6 nights total in the 24/7 hospital receiving critical care. $8500 total spent. We're just super thankful he survived.

Merck calls is this morning. Denying the claim because the first shot, with the breeder at 6 weeks, was from a different manufacturer. This is completely irrelevant per their own websites guarantee wording. The rep basically told me their decisions are final and sue if we don't like it.

Damn brahs. Pic of pupper this morning for your time. "

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#1 Trouble Maker

Don't complain you get ZREO guarantees if its YOU or your child that is killed or injured by vaccination.  The only thing you get, if you're LUCKY [in USA] is to MAYBE be 'heard' by a kangaroo government hearing [it's NOT A COURT!!!].  If you are a doctor or scientist, your odds at getting ANY compensation let alone being seen, is better than the rest of us.  NO DISCOVERY can ever be made public, or YOU forfeit whatever scraps THEY [the government] throw your way.  This is fascism and tyranny that WE, for whatever reason, are putting up with.

Parents / people who think that vaccines are the cat's meow [no pun intended] tell themselves what i wrote above is bull UNTIL that is, they are faced with it for real. THEN, do they become one of those 'Anti-vaxxers' that the drug cartels hate so much. 

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