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A (spooky) Night At The British Museum

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A (spooky) Night At The British Museum
« on: May 12, 2020, 11:24:10 am »


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A (spooky) Night At The Museum:
Guards report doors unbolting themselves, midnight fire alarms and mysterious chills near exhibits that one investigator believes are desperate to leave the British Museum

    * Artist Noah Angell has investigated hauntings at the British Museum since 2016
    * He has spoken to 50 staff members and visitors about supernatural occurrences
    * Guard once found door to Sutton Hoo gallery wide open moments after closure

By Faith Ridler For Mailonline
Published: 16:50, 12 May 2020

hose who patrol the London museum at night have noted several strange occurrences, with mysterious footsteps, music and ghostly crying plaguing the institution's halls. One guard said he bolted the doors to the Sutton Hoo gallery (top left, the Sutton Hoo helmet inside the gallery) - only to be told by a CCTV operator that they stood wide open again moments later. Lingering patches of cold air have been noted near a pair of winged bulls from Khorsabad at the entrance of the Assyrian gallery (bottom right). In the Clocks and Watches gallery, a Dutch couple reportedly once took a photograph of the mechanical galleon, a model ship from 16th century Germany, only to discover the ghost of a female dwarf reflected in the glass case (bottom left). Glowing, white orbs have been spotted hovering above a staircase in the Great Court (inset) in the dead of night, only visible through CCTV footage. Museum staff have also noted seeing visitors attempt to communicate with the Statue of Goddess Sekhmet (top right) inside the sculpture gallery, as if they believe this exhibit has otherworldly power.

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