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Is there something ODD about EX-UK PM CPO losing his gun & PASSPORT on a plane.

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David Cameron’s bodyguard has been taken off frontline duties after reportedly leaving his gun and the former prime minister’s passport in an aeroplane toilet.

A passenger found the weapon and handed it to flight attendants on the British Airways flight, the Daily Mail reported.

The gun, believed to be a 9mm Glock 17 pistol, was said to have been left by a close-protection officer who took off his holster while using the toilet.

So, was it entirely accidental, and extremely unprofessional, as occasional happens, or could there have been something 'a little off' about these events? Not that I liked Cameron.

It's a narrative, already written in fiction, 'Millennium' by Chris Carter, where a pre-arranged gun drop off in an aircraft toilet is followed by a pre-arranged passenger, somewhat chaotically, getting hold of it, immediately, and blowing a hole in the skin of the plane. That Civilian Airliner, then came down, killing all passengers, as it would. A single 9mm hole hole would lead to massive and rapid decompression and the plane would fall from the skies. Almost certainly.
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