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‘Infiltrators’ from Africa are ‘greater threat than terrorists’ – Netanyahu

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‘Infiltrators’ from Africa are ‘greater threat than terrorists’ – Netanyahu
Published time: 20 Mar, 2018 20:39
Edited time: 21 Mar, 2018 07:53

Speaking at the Negev Conference in the Israeli city of Dimona, Netanyahu said the fence along the Israel-Egypt border is all that stands between Israel’s Jewishness and it turning into a country overrun by “infiltrators”.

Without the fence, the country would be at its “wits’ end” with “attacks by terrorist groups in the Sinai, and the worst thing – a flood of illegal infiltrators from Africa,” Netanyahu said, as cited by the Times of Israel.

Kinda strikes a parallel with Trumps TexMex wall. Which I thought was a great idea. Build that sucker.
Now though, due the dumb budget U-turn, it only gets maintenance/running costs; no further expansion.

They'll regret it.

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His ilk are racist to sephardic jews, so you can guess how he feels about people from africa.

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