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CFR caught Up In 'Aleppo Boy' FAKE News & Terrorists. What's The Takeaway?

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Christine  'CFR-Amanpour' asked to explain the HOAX (Fake News Op) she was involved known as the 'Aleppo Boy'.

This is important, it turns out that the photographer who actually took the photo of the boy was himself photographed with the butchers who beheaded a Syrian child.

The takeaway is that the establishment (like the CFR) is very much involved in, not only supporting mercenaries who will kill children, but that THEY will use this 'hard power' the deaths that they supported, to wield 'soft power' by blaming those deaths onto someone they want control over.  In this case Russia.

The takeaway is that these 'DECEIVERS' will indirectly support the killing of anyone and anything that stands in their way.  While making the innocent look guilty for THEIR crimes.   


(Video )

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