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Non US Persons South Of The Border Got The Memo. Trump Is A Fake.

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So where are those Trump lemmings when you need them anyway?

Border Patrol agents believe the resurgence can be attributed to the Trump Administration’s quiet continuation of the Obama “catch and release” program, Breitbart Texas Editor-in-Chief Brandon Darby and investigative journalist Ildefonso Ortiz reported.

Well, the Trump OP did prove one thing.  You actually don't need a wall.  You just need an El Presidente who will enforce the law.

I told the fresh arrivals (Mexicans) here in Colorado, that the entire Trump campaign and election was simply theater and Trump will not secure the border.  They could't believe it.  Now, even those south of the border got the memo.  Trump is a complete NWO fraud.

That's right Trump bots, "quietly continuing Obummer's OPEN border policies" Read it and weep.

"Agents previously expressed feeling betrayed by the new president’s administration after Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly appointed Kevin McAleenan as head of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the parent agency of the U.S. Border Patrol.

“He nominated this guy .. the problem is that this guy was hired by Barack Obama and was made deputy of [CBP] and all of the things we fought against on the border happened under this guy’s watch and he would have been the one responsible for implementing them. That’s DACA, DAPA and Catch and Release.” Darby said in a Pursuit of Happiness interview referring to some programs started under the Obama Administration."

I get it Trump bots, 'fake news', right?   OH NO!!!!! THEY'RE GOING AFTER TRUMP!!!!  WAG THE HILLARY!!! OH NO!!! THE CORPORATE MEDIA HATES HIM!!!!  ::)  What are you going to say when you couldn't even see the light?

For All You People Who Live Outside the Big Island Known As USA, A Gift For You From Us in The USA  ENJOY!
Where were YOU in 62?


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