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EMP Terrorist Threat - says Daily Mail

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EMP Terrorist Threat - says Daily Mail
« on: Feb 22, 2012, 12:38:26 pm »


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Terror bomb detonated in space 'could cripple Britain's electronic networks and jeopardise national

By Ian Drury
Last updated at 8:30 AM on 22nd February 2012

Rogue states and terror groups could launch nuclear attacks in space to cripple Britain’s electronic networks and jeopardise national security, a report warns today.

Weapons detonated up to 500 miles above the Earth would generate a massive electromagnetic pulse, knocking out satellites, radar and the National Grid with ‘devastating’ results.

Key military installations, transport systems, power and water supplies would be hit, wreaking havoc, claims the Commons Defence Select Committee.

Similarly, severe weather in space caused by explosions on the Sun’s surface could create electrical currents which would destroy crucial power networks.

Both scenarios would pose a ‘significant risk’ to national security, warns the alarming report.

A blackout across large parts of the country would raise the prospect of the collapse of the national infrastructure, financial meltdown and a breakdown of civil order, with emergency services struggling to cope.

The report also claims that despite Britain’s vulnerability to attack, the Government appears ‘complacent’ and ‘unwilling to take the threats seriously’.

Two years ago, then defence secretary Liam Fox warned the impact of a nuclear attack in space would be worse than a direct strike like the one on Hiroshima in 1945.

The report warns countries such as Iran, whose hardline Islamic regime is resisting pressure to scrap its nuclear programme, could acquire the technology to detonate a high altitude nuclear device.

Eventually terror groups including Al Qaeda could get their hands on such a weapon, it predicts.

The report adds: ‘While the risk may at present be low, the potential impact of such a weapon could be devastating and long-lasting  for UK infrastructure.

‘The Government cannot therefore be complacent about this threat. Detonating a nuclear device in the upper atmosphere would create electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) that could inflict “severe damage” to electrical equipment over thousands of square miles.’

Changes in the Sun’s atmosphere to create a ‘space weather event’ could have a similar effect.

The most severe example –  dubbed the Carrington Event after the British astronomer who observed it – occurred in 1859, when a massive solar flare sent electrical currents surging through telegraph systems,  causing shocks to operators and setting papers on fire.

Ministers claim the likelihood of a severe space weather event hitting Britain in the next five years is ‘moderate to high’.

The National Grid estimates there is a 91 per chance that parts of the UK would be left without power for two months if a large EMP struck.

The committee said the Government should ensure back-up procedures and equipment are in place to meet the ‘worst-case scenario’.

Ministers rate the probability of a high-altitude EMP attack as ‘low’ although they acknowledge the impact on Britain would be severe.

The committee concludes: ‘It is time that the Government began to approach this matter with the seriousness it deserves.’

n Britain is not properly prepared for a mass bioterrorist attack, Labour will claim today.

Jim Murphy, Labour defence spokesman, will claim it is ‘unclear’ the extent to which ministers can thwart extremists intent on contaminating water, food or air supplies in a confined space such as the London Tube network.

‘New technologies mean new threats and we have got to be  properly prepared,’ he will say.

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Re: EMP Terrorist Threat - says Daily Mail
« Reply #1 on: Mar 15, 2012, 01:27:42 am »


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