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"Let's see, Communism is an authoritarian state which dictates the quantity of goods produced, and Fascism is where industry is the government.  Both -isms make up the phony left-right paradigm.  Both -isms are fronts for the banks so we debate all day whether we want a state running our life or we want mega-corporations running our life.  Either way, it's a top-down centralized system where the banks make up the eye of the pyramid, and you are their slave.

"Free trade" is the corporate rule half of the bankster paradigm.  With "free trade" you have mega-corporations like GE, Monsanto, Wal-mart, BP, etc financing unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats at the WTO.  Free trade is third world sweatshops cranking out goods to flood first world markets which makes it impossible for the first world to compete.  Domestic production shuts down, jobs offshore, and you end up with rust belts and the only job in town is either working at Wal-Mart (a service job) or working for the State Government.

I disagree with "free trade" because I am an economic protectionist.  You need "government" (which needs to be electable, held accountable, and transparent) to enforce protectionist roadblocks like tariffs, port authorities, customs, etc.  If you let mega-corporations do whatever the heck they want, uninterrupted, you will be their slave.  The only people allowed to vote in mega-corporations are the multi-millionaires who serve on their boards, which makes a de-facto ruling class.

The whole goal of liberty is for corporations, government, science, and religion perpetually fighting amongst themselves because it allows liberty to flourish.  If those facets of society collude, we become their slaves."

To all of you who say you do not believe in free market.. The Elite corporations doesn't either. That's why John D Rockefeller said competition is a sin.

"The Free market peddled by the Austrian school means corporations like Monsanto, Wal-Mart, BP, etc. get to rule over your life and do basically whatever the f**k they want.  hence ANARCHO-capitalism.

Yes, I do support some government interference.  I don't want a strip club next to my house (zoning law), I don't want a 500ft tall steeple next to my house (zoning law), I don't want a factory dumping waste out in the desert (environmental law),  I don't want a company mislabeling their product saying there is 6 lbs when there is only 5lbs (weights and measures law); those are all forms of government "intervention". On the other hand, those types of regulations are covered under the tenth amendment, or in the case of weights and measures...under the US Constitution.  Global government shouldn't even exist, the Federal government has its few functions, and everything else is up to State, local, family, or individuals, as called for in the tenth amendment.

The joke is that those mega corporations aren't free market, because they get corporate welfare handouts.  The GOPers, and "moderate Democrats" talk about how evil welfare is for the poor, but they will gladly handout billions to GE, Raytheon, Boeing, Xe, Monsanto, etc.

Let's assume the Big L libertarians takeover in the year 2020, and all corporate welfare is eliminated.  The mega-corps will fall apart, but you will have the robber baron Rockefeller style companies gain steam and eventually create monopolies. Then the big-L's will tell you the government has no right to split them up, and you are right back to "competition being a sin".

The Rockefellers got to be where they are at because of Austrian School views.  Glenn Beck will never tell you this, but Progressivism was a real grassroots movement back in the day, but it eventually got fully co-opted by the Rockefellers.

Ergonomic laws, paid vacations, 40 hour workweek, safety regulations, etc, were all progressive views.  The Rockefellers, Carnegies, harrimans, Fords etc, knew their robber baron days were numbered so they co-opted Progressivism.  Now Progressivism is all about race pimping, eugenics, abortions, and feminism.  It's now about breaking up the family, and having everyone as part of either a corporate borg or State borg, depending on the flavor of the phony communism/fascism bankster paradigm.

The same thing is happening to the TEA Party in 2009, that happened to Progressives in 1909.

Big business is not the solution to big government, the same way that Mussolini is not the solution to Stalin.

If you have no government interference, big corporations do whatever the f**k they want; if you have too much government interference, nothing gets done.  It's a tightrope."

-birther truther tenther


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Good Idea.  ;)

I would also add excellent 'comments' to articles.
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