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new phone boxes a 'surveillance network'

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new phone boxes a 'surveillance network'
« on: Oct 08, 2018, 03:05:01 am »


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Why critics are calling Britain's new phone boxes a 'surveillance network'

'The British telephone box is not dead yet. In parts of central London, a box stands sentinel every 100 feet – and if phone companies got their way, they’d plant one every 50 feet.

But these are not the red cast-iron cubicles that for generations were emblems of Britain. Instead, critics say, they are eyesores, covered in digital ad screens and capable of being turned into surveillance posts.

Worst of all, perhaps, some are being imported from New York.

The result is a battle over Britain’s public space, waged between local city planners and telecommunications firms. The most contentious fight is in Westminster, in the heart of London, where new phone kiosks are being squished between construction barriers and bus stops on crowded streets. Spam_A </div>


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