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EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES CUSTOMER banned by GG Burgomeisters! We're all good to go ..

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The old PRISON PLANET OCD crowd are exercising their retardation again.

He informs me that he was 100% planning on ceasing activity anyway ...
Too much misinformation from the PRISON-PLANETEER INFILTRAITORS.

Either way, I am walking-out in sympathy and would encourage the rest
to do likewise. This forum is going nowhere and we ... are getting out.

YOU FIVE remaining RETARDS can stay in KATORGA and acknowledge
the power of The Burgomeisters and Prison-Planet infiltraitors.

As for you 5 or 6, rapidly greying, increasingly anxious remainers, ...
... GET OUT!

Screw the Prison-Planet, fuck Katorga, exit the Global-Gulag.
And delete this location from your bookmarks, so you're not tempted to return?


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