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And not actually America first

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A very good point.

Incidentally, I was watching a video of a reformed ObamaBot last night, and the similarities are very striking.

Italian Explosives Expert: The Beirut Blast’s Massive Red Cloud is Indicative of Lithium Metal Which is a Propellant in Military Missiles — IT WAS AN EXPLOSIVES STORAGE FACILITY
By Jim Hoft
Published August 9, 2020 at 3:28pm

" the red plume is a sign of lithium metal used as a propellant in military missiles. "

Italian explosives expert Danilo Coppe believes an ammo/explosives depot in #Beirut
 was the epicenter of the massive August 4 blast. The resulting orange cloud further confirms the existence of such a stock at the port.

"... much more likely that large amounts from [the 2,750 ton] stockpile were stolen over the years... it appears the amount [that exploded] did not exceed 300 tons."

Coppe believes the images of the Beirut explosion have left several doubts on the initial official explanation of the blast.

“I don't believe in the ammonium nitrate theory for several reasons. First, the quantity: 2,700 tons would mean that someone built an Olympic size swimming pool and filled it with that substance,” Coppe says.

From those photos it seems that it was far less Nitroprill in the warehouse than 2,750 tons. Conditions are typical for bag/bulk material storage in many places in the world. Wouldn't be surprised that for six to seven years there, large quantity disappeared (stolen).

“The warehouse was over 100 meters long. It is not impossible that it contained those quantities & some documents seem to prove that the material was there for years… there should have been a catalyst, because otherwise it wouldn't all have exploded together,” Coppe adds.

“And then the ammonium nitrate, when it detonates, generates an unmistakable yellow cloud,” Coppe explains.

In the Beirut blast, we clearly witnessed a brick orange/dark red cloud.

“Instead from the videos of the explosion, in addition to the white sphere that is seen to widen, which is air condensation by the sea, you can clearly see a brick orange column tending to dark red, typical of the participation of lithium,” Coppe adds.


“… lithium-metal is the propellant for military missiles. I think there were armaments there,” Coppe adds.

From “High power lithium technology for the military”

Coppe: “Between the 1st & 2nd blasts, what appears to be fireworks are seen to crackle. Fireworks don't behave like that. They have some explosives & the rest is cardboard/plastic. Upon explosion, they are preceded by whistles, absent in the videos.”

Coppe: “Ammo makes barrels all the same, like those seen before the great blast. I think there was a 1st blast, which may have started a fire where ammo was stored, which then spread to high explosive contained in rockets or missiles.”

What is "a labyrinth of subterranean chambers" doing at the #Beirut
 explosion site?

Important reminder from September 27, 2018

Nearly two years ago @IDF
 had exposed a joint Iran/Hezbollah missile project in Beirut.

It is a matter of national security for Israel, they must influence  both sides.

And not actually America first

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Hm. And somehow, Republicans can't stop bowing to Israel. Eye patch and all, they all bend right over. Don't matter how tough they like to let us know enough.

It is a matter of national security for Israel, they must influence  both sides.

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Video / Internet TV / Re: The Music Thread
« Last post by poseidonlost on Aug 09, 2020, 04:54:23 pm »
Contribute you prudes!

Another Puff - Jerry Reed

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Democrats Can’t Stop Bowing to Beijing

Hm. And somehow, Republicans can't stop bowing to Israel. Eye patch and all, they all bend right over. Don't matter how tough they like to let us know enough.

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Democrats Can’t Stop Bowing to Beijing
Steven Rogers Posted: Jul 30, 2020 11:15 AM

The Democrats keep coming up with new and creative ways to appease Communist China.


It’s strange that Pelosi and Schumer — two of the most vocal Russia collusion alarmists — are so skeptical about Beijing’s ongoing campaign to undermine and destabilize our political institutions. Who would have imagined that the leaders of the Democratic Party — the same party that has spent the last four years accusing the Commander-in-Chief of downplaying foreign election interference operations — would now be claiming that the White House is too concerned with protecting our democracy?

Remarkably, though, the joint statement from Pelosi and Schumer was only the latest pro-China PR stunt from the Democrats. Just days earlier, Pelosi had echoed Beijing’s propaganda operatives by arguing that COVID-19 — a disease that came from Wuhan, China — is a “Trump virus.”
“I’m not interested right now in talking to China,” he said recently, stating that there will be no bilateral discussions on trade in the near future. Moreover, the administration recently sanctioned Chinese officials over the regime's aggressive stance on Hong Kong and closed China’s consulate in Houston in retaliation to Beijing’s ongoing espionage operations in the U.S., signaling that America’s patience with China’s shenanigans is growing thin.

Unlike the Democrats, President Trump understands that China is a serious geopolitical adversary that can’t be trusted. Appeasement didn’t work in the 1930s, and it won’t work now. 

Steven Rogers is a retired U.S. Navy intelligence officer and a former member of the FBI National Joint Terrorism Task Force. He is a member of the Donald J. Trump for President 2020 Campaign Advisory Board.
Coronavirus Cancels Pelosi Husband’s Bohemian Grove Ceremony
By me on July 11, 2020 • ( 0 Comments )

Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul will not be able to attend this year’s Bohemian Grove ceremony at the Bohemian Club in Monte Rio, California, where he is a member, because the event has been cancelled due to Coronavirus. The Bohemian Grove ceremony is attended by some of the most powerful men in American politics, business, and media. The ceremony usually takes place the second week of July.

Wikileaks published the Bohemian Grove’s 2008 guest list, which included Pelosi, Donald Rumsfeld, and many other globalist elites. Pelosi also appeared on the 2018 guest list alongside James Baker, George H.W. Bush and many other titans of our misbegotten modernity.
Pelosi: ‘No One Should Be Forced’ to Vote at a Polling Place in Coronavirus Pandemic

Thursday, during her weekly briefing, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said because voting in the United States was “under assault” from the coronavirus, it must be protected with nationwide vote-by-mail so no … Continue reading
COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility
The Millennium Report
January 21, 2019   

New World Order Globalist Cabal using Deep State to execute a coup behind the coup


Baltimore, Maryland

There’s no question that Maryland was the state the Roman Catholic Church essentially took over as soon as it was identified as the only safe haven for Catholics in the 13 colonies.

This is where the D’Alesandro family set up shop — Baltimore, Maryland — so that daughter Nancy could be groomed for high office.
In point of fact, her otherwise improbable ascension within the House is a clear indication that the Black Nobility has taken overt control of the U.S. Corporation. Maryland was settled by the Catholics so that the Jesuits would be close to the locus of power in America. The Jesuit’s Georgetown University is the premier law school and school for international relations in Washington, D.C. attended by many of the elites since its founding. Likewise, many Catholic charities were founded in Maryland, especially those which harbor illegal aliens, economic immigrants and war refugees.

Paul, Nancy and Paul, Jr. Pelosi — California’s version of “The Sopranos”

Paul Pelosi, the power husband

Georgetown grad and Jesuit-trained Paul Pelosi has the picture perfect resume to act as a frontman for the Black Nobility. Everything points to the great likelihood that his marriage to Nancy D’Alesandro was made you know where (and not in heaven).

Many who are selected to study foreign service at Georgetown University are lifelong Jesuit operatives and/or agents of the Vatican. In that capacity they are actually serving the interests of the Black Nobility, the financial arm of the Roman Catholic Church.

Paul Pelosi owns “a San Francisco-based real estate and venture capital investment and consulting firm” which is right in line with his wife’s needs for a rainmaker. This is the primary reason why Pelosi was re-elected Speaker; she threatened to stop the rain from falling in the form of so many campaign contributions to the financially strapped Democrat candidates. In point of fact, this is where Nancy Pelosi’s real power and influence comes from—M O N E Y !

| - - - -


Posted on February 10, 2019 Hoa TruongPosted in Published Articles

The knife behind the smile quoted by Sun Tzu in Thirty Six Stratagem that reflects some Democratic high profiles as Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, John Kerry, and the others. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s father deeply involved with Mafia boss as the French proverb quotes: ”dis-moi qui tu frequentes, je te dirais qui tu es”. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi comes from a hooligan’s family, so her motive and stance being influenced by family, the dishonest recorded by the document:

FBI Files: Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s Father Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. Was “Constant Companion” Of Notorious Mobster Benjamin Magliano

Nancy Pelosi’s father Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. allegedly was a “constant companion” of notorious mobster Benjamin “Benny Trotta” Magliano and other underworld figures during his political years in Baltimore, MD.  D’Alesandro was a Congressman for five terms from 1938 to 1947, and Baltimore mayor for three terms from 1947 to 1959.   Magliano was identified by the FBI as one of Baltimore’s “top hoodlums,” and he widely was acknowledged as the representative for New York’s Frankie Carbo who made his bones with Murder, Inc. and later became a made guy in the Lucchese family.  The allegations are included in D’Alesandro’s recently-released FBI files which Friends of Ours has obtained pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.”…the FBI filed the case of D’Alesandro and finally, in 1961, President John F. Kennedy requested” Allegation of D’Alesandro’s involvement with Baltimore hoodlums”

Mr. Thomas Ludwig John D’Alesandro Jr was born on August 1st, 1903 in Montenerodoma, Abruzzo, South Italy, he was a politician of Democrats and Mr. Benjamin “Benny Trotta” Magliano (1913-1971) was the MAFIA in Baltimore, his shadow power covered the underworld. The people have no doubt the MAFIA boss or God Father who is the perpetrator of the serious crimes, the murder, drug cartel, smuggling…MAFIA is a well-known criminal organization in the world, the original place came from Sicily, Italy. Despite Mr. D’Alesandro was Democratic Congressman, a senior politician, but he did many wrongs in the shadow, so in January 1961, Democratic President John. F. Kennedy requested the to address:” Allegation of D’Alesandro’s involvement with Baltimore hoodlums”

The tough border protection of President Donald Trump hampers the drug cartels, the drug syndicates, felons, and the gangs…The US people including the concerned Democrats may recognize the untold reason that the commander in thug and also lawmaker terrorist Nancy Pelosi always stops the fund cost $USD 5.7 billion to complete the wall. Nevertheless, the previous presidents built parts of the wall at the US and Mexico, but the felons and drug cartels, the drug syndicates still have the way entering the US soil, certainly, the unleashed border could deserve the facilities for the drug cartel and the criminal rings operate.

The people question the reason that motivates Congresswoman, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi always said no wall, therefore, her family’s background should explain. The family should influence into children, her daughter Alexandra Pelosi raised the voice as a hit woman of MAFIA, she threatened her mum (Nancy Pelosi) cut President Donald Trump’s head. Her son is Paul Jr Pelosi was charged with securities fraud when he is president of Natural Blue Resources Inc, actually, Nancy Pelosi had the shareholder is up to $USD 10 million in 2009, the company suspended.

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Globalization and the Plan for a New World Order / Re: COVID-1984
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The Media is The Virus

So, stay safe
Stay away from The Media.

Damn straight.

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Article is mostly pro-sweden but does contain some crucial LIES. Sweden is actually average when it comes to the mortality rate, when compared to other developed countries,

IAN BIRRELL: Why Sweden, pilloried by the whole world for refusing to lock down - with schools staying open and no face mask laws - may be having the last laugh as experts say Stockholm is close to achieving herd immunity

* Swedish health experts say struggle against pandemic is 'marathon not a sprint'
* The country has one of the highest death rates from coronavirus in the world <--- NOT TRUE
* Anders Tegnell's refusal to impose lockdown is held up by critics as a warning
* But is it possible the Scandinavian nation made the right call in the long-term?

By Ian Birrell for The Mail on Sunday
Published: 22:00 BST, 8 August 2020

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