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Paganism’s Role in Society

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Paganism’s Role in Society
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Paganism’s Role in Society

Our Aquarian World thirsts for a tremendous, consistent amount of inspiration. As Jupiter shares his rule with Uranus, the World now requires a new production of creativity, lest our Consciousness runs dry. The old Piscean Age could operate quite well with systematic, concrete religions to move it through the seasons. But today in this age, we see a relentless pursuit for the radically free and spiritual. Puritanism, whether in the shape of Christianity, Islam, social justice, or any other such clique, has sharpened its appearance, which all the more distinguishes itself from the renaissance of free speech.

And while the New Age movement has propelled many free thinkers, it is itself not near as independent as we may quickly liken it to be, for any idea is easy to muddy without the fresh air of inspiration. As so, it is often thought that the removal of authority figures will drain the swamp, but if we choose to install yet another new set of such authority figures, how will the swamp ever breathe and become an oasis under the same stagnating order of operations? And this applies to politics as well as to religion.

The Old Religion mandated that we obey his command despite how our Heart may have begged to differ, but collectively now we are expanding our Heart with the desire to experience who we truly are. We yearn to hear, sense, and see our beauty; we long to smell, taste, and touch our own vibrational musk. Just as how we stimulate no difference when we replace the old system with another old system, it does us no good to convert the Old Religion to a New Religion, for history is sure to repeat itself until we get it right the first time. Spirituality presents itself as an endless Universe of doors and spaces that satisfy the Human need to play and explore; thereby, we may consciously connect to not a new warehouse of religion, but rather to a great, spiritual ocean as deep and wide as we envision. But you see, this concept has already been given a name. In essence, Paganism acts as the polarity of organized religion, where it grants the people infinite freedom of speech, belief, and simply being. Everyone may do as he or she pleases, but not without its equal repercussions. Really, it is common sense logic, which is a fancy way of describing INTUITION.

Even as of today, more and more people are adopting this mindset, whereby in the 2020’s, I predict it will become the mainstream and overpower religious consensus, for it provides us with a middle-ground to create harmony, which is a treat of Aquarius. This especially proves to be likely as it seems to go hand in hand with other rapidly growing phenomena such as organic gardening, homeschooling, fantasy fiction, forest preservation, self-sustainable living, natural health, flat Earth concept, conspiracy exposure, and the invigorating counter-culture.

However, it is important to take note of Jupiter’s progression through the ages, be he the God of Light and Love, or the Tyrant of Fear Incarnate. He is the nameless god Re (Ra) who dons new names that religion itself is founded on, be it Osiris, Jehovah, Jesus, Allah, Kṛṣṇa (Krishna), Óden, Lucifer, whereby under each new guise he enacts a certain aspect of himself. And the Actor is accompanied by his Actress, his queen consort who reveals herself as the Virgin Mary, Rādhā, Frigga, Diana, Isis, Ostara. In this way, we may perceive them as the Masculine and Feminine Forces of the Universe, from whom all of Creation originates. It is said that the ancient Egyptians held such a strong belief of the power of a name. He who possesses the true name of an entity controls it. Likewise, Re, Isis, and her son (Sun) Horus are the three who possess the true name of Re. (Notice how “Re” resembles Sanskrit’s “hare [hah-ray]”, meaning “hail or hooray”.) Together, they are the perfect Trinity as we still see them ricocheted as Goddess, God, Magic; as Father, Son, Holy Spirit; as Maiden, Mother, Crone. These three quintessential elements compose everything we think, do, say, feel, and PERCEIVE.

‘Tis a riddle then: to exit the game, we must figure the true name(s) of this Trifold Divinity. Learn this, and the game is YOURS. But ever as slowly or swiftly as we understand it, the World eggs onward from the constraints of religion to the open arms of spirituality, step by step, from Pisces to Aquarius to Capricorn, closer and closer, reaching its hand out to touch that mysterious, blinding Light of Re. I suspect we’ll know when we have the secret password when this Reality completely, on all levels, fades, and opens into an entirely new awareness...blending and transcending both life and death and all polarities thereof, though it can be quite difficult to imagine something that we haven’t already yet perceived through our six senses. While the Human Consciousness supersedes the Program, how do we envision it through a means not of the Program? Perhaps here we may begin to speculate the true name(s) of the Trinity.
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