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Taxation / Re: Trump impose sanctions on China
« Last post by EvadingGrid on Today at 10:34:03 am »
Media coverage relies on the almighty make the mistake of forgetting that both Hong Kong and Taiwan are not independent countries, they are the stolen property of China.

Taxation / Re: Trump impose sanctions on China
« Last post by tahoeblue on Today at 10:02:52 am »
Mao was a Yali ...

Chairman Prescott S. Bush, Jr, (USA—China Chamber of Commerce)

Former US diplomat exposes how US actually helped communist China instead of KMT
The U.S. had now become aligned with the British which considered Chiang Kai-Shek an enemy.
Also they could not allow Shek to take Manchuria and the opium trade....

Many do not know that Japan was a British ally in the drug trade up until WWII.
War and Period                British Allies                British Opponent
Opium War, 184@1843   England and France   Chinese Dynasty
Revolution, 1867-1858   England and France   Chinese Nationalists
Storming of Pekin, 1860   England and France   Chines Dynasty
Revolution, 1860-1885   England and France   Chinese Nationalists
Yellow War, 1894-1895   Japan and (England)   Chinese Dynasty
Revolution, 1898                England-France-Japan   Chinese Nationalists
Boxer War, 1900-1901   All the Great Powers   Chinese Nationalists
Revolution, 1911                England-France-Japan   Chinese Nationalists
Revolution, 19281927   England, France, Japan, Portugal, Spain and Holland   Gen. Chiang Kai-shek
Manchurian Conquest, 1931   Japan                           Gen. Chiang Kai-shek
Japan’s Drug Policies in East Asia

Japanese narcotics sales had already been a common practice in China during World War I. The Japanese used drugs as a weapon of war to undermine China’s capacity for resistance. Prior to and during World War II, Japan’s military in occupied Manchuria (Manchukuo), had the task and cost of subjugating northern China, relied on drug sales to finance its operations. Japanese navy gun boats transported drugs manufactured in laboratories controlled by the army. In fact, the military had set up a system of some seven thousand pharmacies which sold opium and heroin to the population.

In occupied Manchuria, the Japanese not only promoted opium cultivation but its refinement into smoking opium and sale to the population. In 1931, it was estimated that one in 120 Manchurians was habituated to drugs. By 1938, one of every forty Manchurians was addicted. In fact, the League of Nations repeatedly admonished the Japanese drug policies in occupied Manchuria. In its 1937 report the League’s Opium Advisory Committee specifically referred to the clandestine manufacture and the illicit traffic in narcotic drugs undertaken by Japanese subjects in China in the territories under Japanese influences, claiming that the situation had deteriorated to an alarming extent. Japan earned US$300 million annually during the 1930s from the distribution and sale of Manchurian opium and heroin.

A Japanese army manual explained the strategy as follows: “The use of narcotics is unworthy of a superior race like the Japanese. Only inferior races, races that are decadent like the Chinese, Europeans, and the East Indians, are addicted to the use of narcotics. This is why they are destined to become our servants and eventually disappear.”

| - - - - -
10,800 Assault Weapons Parts Seized by CBP in Louisville
June 26, 2020

—At the Express Consignment Operations hubs in Louisville U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized a shipment from China that contained over 10,000 Assault Weapons parts being smuggled into the country. 

The shipment was seized on May 22. Officers inspected the item, which was arriving from Shenzhen, China, destined for a residence in Melbourne, Florida. The parcel was manifested as containing 100 Steel Pin Samples. This is a common practice of smugglers manifesting the contraband as a harmless or a legitimate commodity in hopes of eluding further examination.

Taxation / Re: Trump impose sanctions on China
« Last post by EvadingGrid on Jul 04, 2020, 06:15:28 pm »

Lets just say the commies sweethearts... are coming to put a belt on you ..

With out understanding the background History, it would be easy to end up regurgitating propaganda originating from the modern day descendants of the East India Company. Those descendents still run Hong Kong, the Tai Pan is the biggest employer second only to the govt . . . But, hey, ignore me if you want, go buy your self an illuminati supporters T-shirt.

First Opium War

William Jardine - Tai Pan

etc . . .

Taxation / Re: Trump impose sanctions on China
« Last post by tahoeblue on Jul 04, 2020, 05:31:14 pm »
its easy to portray China as the villain.

Lets just say the commies sweethearts... are coming to put a belt on you ..
Boris Johnson lays out visa offer to nearly 3m Hong Kong citizens

UK prime minister says all eligible for BNO passport can apply if China cuts freedoms

Boris Johnson has opened the path to what he called one of the “biggest changes” to the British visa system, stating he was ready to offer a right to live and work in the UK to any of the nearly 3 million Hong Kong citizens eligible for a British National Overseas passport.


“If China imposes its national security law, the British government will change its immigration rules and allow any holder of these passports from Hong Kong to come to the UK for a renewable period of 12 months and be given further immigration rights including the right to work which would place them on the route to citizenship.”
Taxation / Re: Trump impose sanctions on China
« Last post by EvadingGrid on Jul 04, 2020, 04:31:55 pm »
Hong Kong Lives Matter ?

Hong Kong lives matter, but this has been on cards ever since Conservative Goddess - Maggie Thatcher gave away Hong Kong with no strings attached, back to China.

To discuss Hong Kong, without the context of history, is what is going on in the media. With out any understanding of the background, its easy to portray China as the villain. But, I suggest people find out exactly how the British Empire, along with other Colonial Powers managed to pull stunts like "acquiring a lease for Hong Kong" . . . would your country lease an island off your coast to a hostile genocidal foreign power ?

Its important to understand, because it effects why China behaves the way it does today, and it has absolutely nothing to do with it being nominally a communist country, that propaganda theme is the height of ignorance. Imagine a person in China reporting the current events in America - without having any knowledge of the background history, its not going to make much sense.
General Discussion / Re: Minneapolis is burning down
« Last post by tahoeblue on Jul 04, 2020, 04:18:55 pm »
Touch this and I'm gonna come get ya ...
Lubbock is jam-packed with stops along the Buddy Holly Trail.

There is the 8 .5-foot-tall bronze statue of the rock 'n roll legend playing his Fender Stratocaster guitar, created in 1980 by sculptor Grant Speed, circled by a Walk of Fame honoring other West Texas musicians such as Waylon Jennings and Mac Davis.
Buddy Holly Statue and West Texas Walk of Fame
Taxation / Re: Trump impose sanctions on China
« Last post by tahoeblue on Jul 04, 2020, 03:48:27 pm »
Hong Kong Lives Matter ?
Hong Kong Man Accused of Terrorism in First Use of New China Security Law
By Reuters, Wire Service Content July 2, 2020, at 10:59 p.m.
By Jessie Pang and Anne Marie Roantree

HONG KONG (Reuters) - A man carrying a "Liberate Hong Kong" sign as he drove a motorcycle into police at a protest against the territory's Chinese rulers became on Friday the first person charged with inciting separatism and terrorism under a new security law.

Beijing imposed the legislation on the former British colony earlier this week despite protests from Hong Kongers and Western nations, setting China's freest city and a major financial hub on a more authoritarian track.

Critics say the law - which punishes crimes of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces with up to life in prison - is aimed at crushing dissent and a long-running campaign for greater democracy.

Police say 23-year-old Tong Ying-kit rammed and injured some officers at an illegal protest on Wednesday. A video online showed a motorbike knocking over several officers on a narrow street before the driver falls over and is arrested.

Tong, who was hospitalised after the incident, was charged less than 24 hours after the city government said the slogan he was carrying - "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times" - connotes separatism or subversion under the new law.

The rallying cry appears on placards, T-shirts, and post-it notes stuck to walls around Hong Kong.

China's parliament adopted the security law after sometimes violent protests last year triggered by fears Beijing was stifling freedoms, guaranteed by a "one country, two systems" formula agreed when Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule in 1997.

Authorities in Beijing and Hong Kong say the law aims at a few "troublemakers" and not wider rights that underpin the city's role as a gateway for capital flows in and out of China.
Hundreds arrested in Hong Kong protests
•July 1, 2020

Hong Kong police arrested more than 300 people on Wednesday (July 1) as protesters took to the streets in defiance of sweeping security legislation introduced by China.

Hong Kong police fired pepper pellets before arresting protesters inside and outside the luxurious Times Square shopping mall.

Police said they had made more than 300 arrests for illegal assembly and other offences, with nine involving suspected violations of the new law.

Earlier on Wednesday, water cannon was fired, and riot police used pepper spray on protesters and press at close range.

China unveiled the details of the much-anticipated law on Tuesday (June 30) after weeks of uncertainty.

A top Beijing official calling the law a birthday gift to Hong Kong.
General Discussion / Re: Jeffery Epstein
« Last post by tahoeblue on Jul 04, 2020, 03:06:11 pm »
Will Maxwell Arrest Reveal Mossad Connection?
Jul 2, 2020
Paul Joseph Watson

Paul Joseph Watson
guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell and what it means for their Mossad connection.

| - - - -

No mention of "Les" Wexner ( Billionnaire Mossad Asset )  by Watson ... which is the official spring of Epstein's Wealth ..

The fact that Les Wexner’s business isn’t being turned upside down by federal investigators is proof enough that the powers that be are both aware of and complicit in Epstein’s criminal activities.
Child Slave Master Zionist Billionaire Les Wexner and more Part 1
Published on May 11, 2017

In this video the man behind the Wexner Analysis, Les Wexner is investigated and many interesting details are uncovered involving his foundations role in maintaining, building and supporting Israel. His businesss connection to Jeffrey Epstein and his businesses practises are touched on but more will be exposed in future videos.
Wexner Israel Fellowship - The Wexner Foundation
[Search domain]

The Wexner Israel Fellowship takes place at the Harvard Kennedy School's Center for Public Leadership (CPL) with some 200 students from around the globe who take part in the MC-MPA. HKS attracts faculty on the cutting edge of their fields, houses 13 research centers and regularly hosts high profile speakers.

General Discussion / Re: Have you realized you've been duped by Trump yet?
« Last post by tahoeblue on Jul 03, 2020, 08:14:20 pm »
"You Are On Stolen land" - Protests Intensify At Mount Rushmore Ahead Of Trump's Arrival
Democrats Prepare To Celebrate Dependence Day
 Fri, 07/03/2020 - 19:40
Via Babylon Bee,

Democrats across the country prepared to celebrate Dependence Day this week, an annual holiday where they reflect upon their complete and total dependence on the government.

Every year on July 4, Democrats celebrate the high holy day where they thank the government for its gracious gifts.

"It's good to pause every year and think about how we are completely and utterly dependent on the government for everything," said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

"We have to give up all our rights to the government to find out how dependent we can be."

"This good and benevolent government was given to us by, you know, the thing," said Joe Biden.


While Americans celebrate Independence Day with fireworks, barbecues, and merrymaking, Democrats celebrate Dependence Day by staying inside and weeping over all the freedom going on outside. The celebrations conclude with the reading of the Communist Manifesto and the singing of "Imagine".
General Discussion / Re: Jeffery Epstein
« Last post by EvadingGrid on Jul 03, 2020, 06:52:21 pm »
Will Ghislaine Maxwell Tell All? Are The Super-Rich Billionaires In Trouble?!

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