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'To the MEN & WOMEN, boys & girls of NATIONAL SOCIALIST SCOTLAND: A New Hospital

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'When these stories are true, then we are in trouble ...'

This is our new Regional General hospital, comes complete with Auschwitz Memorial Chimney over the main entrance. Retaining the ROYAL INFIRMARY tag which has been transferred from Ye Olde R.I which is now a chronic treatment centre.
We have a tremendous amount of obesity and chronic disease in Scotland, which comes part and parcel with the SOCIALISM>

It's Scotland but the geographical terrain, in the southern border looks all but identical to N. KOREA (check it on a map). Scotland is the 3rd most Statist (state dependent) Nation in the world, after CUBA and one other, I forget, probably Korea. AND THE 2nd FATTEST according to a Daily Mail article.

Well You did ask for "By the people, for the People" and this is what you get.

It is very depressing, I'll give them that, these SCOTS NATIONALIST SOCIALISTS.

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And trust me ... though I can't prove my allegation ... yet.

'One' will never get a job at this brand-new Socialist Health-Care Hospital, unless you are a dedicated,
DYED-in-the-WOOL, SOCIALIST. And they will be looking for the telltale signs.

You might like during any questions, to try:
'I am a passionate follower & archivist of the Pan Germanic European Health & Safety model; vis-a-viz the disposal of bodies'.

You have to exhibit all the signs of SOCIALIST BRAINWASHING.

You may also like to try: "Donald Trump is a Moron", when you  first appear at the reception desk.
This, I believe gives you instant access to all areas, including the already MRSA infected ward. Nice!

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