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George Soros is to KILL BREXIT on anniversary of Theresa May's Election COCK-UP?

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George Soros is to back a campaign calling for a new Brexit referendum.
@Nigel_Farage asks: Is he wasting his time?

  • The anti-Brexit group backed by George Soros is set to publish its "manifesto" for keeping Britain in the EU on June 8 — exactly one year on from the last general election.
  • 'Best For Britain' will publish a "roadmap to stopping Brexit" with a referendum in the next year, insiders tell Business Insider.
  • The campaign — first set up by banker turned political activist Gina Miller — will also say that a soft Brexit would be a "disaster".

Short answer:
"Best for Britain would be that Soros get his meddling hands out of our country NOW.

Thing I ask is:
Surely, this maniacal Globalist whack-job should be prevented from meddling in the outcome of our June 6, 2016 democratically decided referendum?
This must surely be the purest example of RUSSIAN style tampering in the election process EVER SEEN, and THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT must come out and PREVENT G. (Sauron) Soros from pulling off this caper on British soil.

Speak up THERESA MAY! We can't hear you!

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Soros is EVIL there is no doubt in my mine.

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The Daily Mail

Chief of George Soros-funded Best for Britain campaign compares Brexit to appeasement of the Nazis just days before the group launches its bid for a second EU referendum

'The chief of the Best for Britain campaign today compared Brexit to the appeasement of the Nazis just days before group launches its push for a second EU referendum.

Lord Malloch-Brown insisted Britain still needed to learn from centuries of trying to ignore problems on the continent and in a Radio 4 interview specifically highlighted the rise of Hitler.

The incendiary intervention comes a day after billionaire financier George Soros - who is bankrolling Best for Britain - revealed the referendum push would start in days.

Ex Ukip leader Nigel Farage has lashed out at the campaign warning the country has already made up its mind about Brexit. Spam_A Spam_B Best for Britain wants to secure a large mandate to reverse the 2016 referendum on the grounds the negotiation has not secured a good deal for Britain.

Lord Malloch-Brown told the Today programme: 'Britain's history as an island nation adjacent to mainland Europe is when we try to, sort of, pull away from Europe's problems and close ourselves off to them they have a horrible habit of infecting us anyway.


'Appeasement in the 1930s, you name it. For centuries Britain has ignored events on continental Europe at its peril.'

Read More : Chief of George Soros-funded Best for Britain campaign compares Brexit to appeasement of the Nazis just days before the group launches its bid for a second EU referendum


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Is the BreXiT secretary going to Resign?

David Davis the Brexit secretary is unhappy with the Government's latest moves for 'a unlimited time' to resolve the
"Customs Union" with the EU. MEANWHILE in the same week, back off the reservation, George Soros, Machiavellian
self confessed Amoral Capitalist Parasite is 'upping the anti' (as you say, sic) by embezzling himself in a PERSONAL
anti-smear campaign with the conservative English Press, as excuse for TRYING TO OVERTURN BREXIT>

Probably, after all it's a fraught struggle, for independence from the Privileged Pen-pushers paradise club of
European bureaucracy. And every day a new pen is bought from the corner shop to fight a new smears war
from freshly-sunk inkwells, on the writing-desks of power at Whitehall.

"Billionaire George Soros vows to spend five years fighting for a second EU referendum in bid
to overturn Brexit."
29th May 2018.

When will they send me in, for even as a baby in my pram, I was rehearsing for this German held
Europe & its Bundeskrieg, by practicing pouring whole bottles of Quink over my head, as if to say:
'Where's the point, God, where's the point?'

Now that SAURON has failed in AMERICA. (Trumped), he's come to save the Britain
"I love so much." - unquote Liar, Liar ... Yada, Yada.

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David Davis refuses to speak up for Theresa May's Brexit backstop plan amid fears
it will tie UK to EU indefinitely
Steven Swinford, deputy political editor
6 JUNE 2018 • 7:50PM

Man your inkwells!

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