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International News / Re: BalkanNews
« Last post by Al Bundy on Today at 04:41:40 am »
"Republic of Kosovo": Special War Crimes Tribunal witness N. Rustemi murdered

1/17/2020, 5:06:59 AM

It was a seemingly villainous and unnoticed assassination that took place on December 18 in Kosovo. The body of Nazmi Rustemi had been found at the edge of an artificial lake not far from Pristina. But an interview with the widow of the deceased allows ...

It was a seemingly villainous and unnoticed assassination that took place on December 18 in Kosovo. The body of Nazmi Rustemi had been found at the edge of an artificial lake not far from Pristina. But an interview with the widow of the deceased makes the connection between this murder and the war crimes committed in Kosovo in the late 1990s.

With our correspondent in Belgrade , Laurent Rouy

Former forest ranger Nazmi Rrustemi, 63, was probably murdered because he knew too much about the crimes committed by the Albanian KLA guerrillas . His widow has just revealed that Rustemi was a protected witness to the special prosecutor because of his past.

During the war on Kosovo , he was imprisoned in the KLA camps, which made him a first-rate source of information for justice. This murder shows once again the ineffectiveness of the international witness protection program in Kosovo.

It is not the first time that witnesses to war crimes committed by the Albanian camp have died violently. In 2011, a prosecution witness against former minister and former warlord Fatmir Limaj was found hanged in Germany, while the trial against "former Prime Minister" and Commander Ramush Haradinaj ended in acquittal , due to the disappearance, death or amnesia of 12 prosecution witnesses.

Twenty years after the end of the conflict, it is almost impossible to judge the crimes of the Albanian guerrillas in Kosovo, when the subject is taboo in society. A special tribunal was established in The Hague five years ago, but has still failed to charge any suspect.

Source: rfi

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Ajatollah Ali Khamenei: "Der Westen ist zu schwach, um die Iraner in die Knie zu zwingen"
I have it as: "G.W Bush & Obama killed my hamster" but I think you'd better double-check that.

Don't take it literally, you gun nutters, it's probably a spiritual based reference.
It's an Islamic country who believe in Allah first. They know our Christianity is 'lukewarm' at best.

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Climate change BELIEF is nothing more than a simile to a virus.
It's a freeloader, unlike a bacteria that at least has to work for a living.
Climate-Change BELIEF passes unseen from person to person but so does the cure ....

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Book that teaches kids how to conjure demons hits major retailers’ shelves

'A new book inviting young children to learn how to summon demons is now available at major retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Written for 5- to 10-year-olds, A Children’s Book of Demons by Aaron Leighton directs kids to “conjure gentle demons by writing their sigils, which serve as ‘a phone number’ straight to the spirit.”

“As ridiculous as the ‘demons’ contained in the book may be, there is nothing innocent or fun about even pretending to summon evil spirits,” noted Elizabeth Johnston, AKA  Activist Mommy, on her blog. “But who is to say it is pretend? The spirit world is real and is no laughing matter.”
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“Leighton, an occultist himself, is clearly looking to proselytize our children,” asserted Johnston.

Despite being advertised by Publishers Weekly as being “playful,” and by Barnes & Noble as “more silly than scary,” the book is dangerous, according to renowned exorcist  Fr. Chad Ripperger.

“The recent publication of the book ‘A Children’s Book of Demons’ should be concerning for parents,” Ripperger told LifeSiteNews, because it opens the door to demonic influence in the lives of children.

“In the past, those in charge of the formation of the minds of children noted that the first years of a child’s life, especially until the age of 12, were very important regarding the moral formation of the child since it is during this time that the basics of right and wrong are instilled in the mind of the child,” said Fr. Ripperger.'


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General Discussion / Re: SARS - Bats for U
« Last post by tahoeblue on Jan 16, 2020, 11:36:25 pm »
Patient in Japan confirmed as having new virus from China

TOKYO (AP) — Japan’s government said Thursday a man treated for pneumonia after returning from China has tested positive for the new coronavirus identified as a possible cause of an outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

The man developed a fever and cough on Jan. 3 while in Wuhan, returned to Japan on Jan. 6, and was hospitalized four days later as the symptoms persisted, with his X-ray image showing signs of pneumonia, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said.

Tests conducted Tuesday found the same coronavirus as had been detected in other patients in the Wuhan outbreak, the ministry said.
Eiji Hinoshita, an official at Japan’s health ministry, told reporters that the man treated there said he did not go to the fish market in Wuhan linked to the pneumonia outbreak, but had “close contact” with at least one person with pneumonia symptoms at a place where he stayed during the visit. Ministry officials are checking the patient’s activities and people he contacted in China and Japan.

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General Discussion / Re: Jeffery Epstein - Dr. Oz suggests he was STRANGLED
« Last post by EvadingGrid on Jan 16, 2020, 11:02:03 am »
EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Epstein had burst capillaries in his eyeballs after he died which pathologist tells Dr. Oz suggests he was STRANGLED and did not hang himself

A forensic pathologist has claimed that Jeffrey Epstein was likely murdered and did not hang himself because he had burst capillaries in his eyes which is consistent with manual strangulation and not hanging, can reveal.

In an exclusive clip from a Dr. Oz special set to air on Thursday, pathologist Dr. Michael Baden examines photographs of Epstein's eyes and other parts of his lifeless body taken during his autopsy. Dr. Baden was among physicians in the room when Epstein's autopsy took place.

He says it is highly unusual that the cause of his death went from being undetermined - when it was first ruled - to suicide by hanging five days later.

He said he believes there are many 'red flags' which suggest he was murdered and did not kill himself.

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Russia / Re: Russia on the International Checkerboard
« Last post by Al Bundy on Jan 15, 2020, 03:27:07 pm »
Russian Government resigns. Next: change of Russian Constitution ?

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History / Re: Racak 1999- NATO Gleiwitz ?
« Last post by Al Bundy on Jan 14, 2020, 01:58:02 pm »
"Massacre in village Racak" cause for NATO Bombing of Serbia

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General Discussion / Re: All Your Base Are Belong To Us
« Last post by tahoeblue on Jan 14, 2020, 01:37:33 pm »

Zbigniew Brzezinski It is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control them
Published on Aug 19, 2013

Former National Security Adviser under Carter discusses how, as people are becoming more politically aware, that it is now infinitely easier to kill a million people than it is to control a million people.
Brzezinski: It Is Infinitely Easier To Kill Than Control A Million People
September 24, 2016

The former National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, Washington geostrategist and Obama’s handler, Zbigniew Brzezinski, says it is easier to kill than control the masses.

Brzezinski, a big-time New World Order globalist insider and his mates want to depopulate the world.

It would then be easier for the elites to handle the selected remaining masses under a one world government.

Talk about eugenics.
The Reality Of Vaccine Dangers
Citizens react to UN scientist admitting truth in leaked video
Savanah Hernandez | - January 13, 2020

After the Chief Scientist for the World Health Organization was caught on leaked footage admitting that vaccines can lead to death and long-term injury,

Action 7 hit the streets to inform the public about this information that has been hidden from the public view.

| - - -

Global Vaccine Safety Summit
2 – 3 December 2019 Geneva, Switzerland

Purpose of the event

The Global Vaccine Safety Summit is a 2-day event, from 2 to 3 December 2019, organized by the World Health Organization and held at the WHO's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

In the year that marks the 20th anniversary of the WHO’s Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS), the Global Vaccine Safety Summit will be an opportunity to take stock of GACVS accomplishments and look towards priorities for the next decade.

At the Summit, WHO will present the Global Vaccine Safety Blueprint 2.0 strategy 2021-2030 to key stakeholders and collect their input for the final version, due for publication in the new year.


The Summit is meant for vaccine safety stakeholders from around the world, including current and former members of the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS), immunisation programme managers, national regulatory authorities, pharmacovigilance staff from all WHO regions, and representatives of UN agencies, academic institutions, umbrella organizations of pharmaceutical companies, technical partners, industry representatives and funding agencies.

| - - - -
Top U.N. Scientist Admits Vaccines Killing People During ‘Vaccine Safety Summit’
January 10, 2020 Constitutional DrunkUncategorized

A top scientists for the United Nations admitted in leaked video that vaccines are dangerous and are killing some individuals, just days after assuring the public that vaccines were one of the safest tools humanity has.

Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, the Chief Scientist of the World Health Organization,
admitted that some vaccines are killing people during the WHO Global Vaccine Safety Summit last December in Geneva, Switzerland.
“I don’t think we can overemphasize the fact we really don’t have very good safety monitoring systems in many countries and this adds to the miscommunication and the misapprehensions,” Swaminathan said.

“Because we’re not able to give very good clear-cut answers when people ask questions about the deaths that have occurred due to a particular vaccine, and this always gets blown up in the media.”

“One should be able to give a very factual account of what exactly is happening, what the cause of deaths are, but in most cases there’s some obfuscation at that level and therefore there’s less and less trust in the system,” she added.

This scientist’s admission begs the question: if vaccines are killing people, why does the establishment push them as completely safe and constantly demonize people who question their safety?

Alex Jones explains in the following video the globalists’ diabolical plan to use vaccines as a means of population reduction and control to usher in their A.I. takeover:

| - - - -

Vaccines work - Global Vaccine Safety Summit
Published on Dec 12, 2019

Video message from WHO Director-General Dr Tedros on WHO’s Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety marking its 20th anniversary. Vaccine safety means monitoring vaccines at every stage of the process, in research & development, production, delivery, and follow-up.

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