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Why true power must lie in the shadows....

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Why true power must lie in the shadows....
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Why true power must lie in the shadows....

This week I opened my local weekly newspaper to an animated letters page debate featuring two very different world views.

Last week a broad thinking gentleman argued we, the electorate, have very few choices because the world is ruled by unseen people in the shadows.

Now a local councillor has written back claiming the likes of Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron are the true world powers and that we are blessed to live in a ‘very democratic country’ in which the voice of the people is reflected in our government.

Big intake of breath! How I’d love to live in such a land. Can anyone please direct me to it from my current base in the United Kingdom?

But how, in all honesty, can we be so sure that people in the shadows rule our land?

The answer is to look at how influential organisations are run.

Millions of us have at least some knowledge about football clubs – after all, it is by far the most popular and hyped sport in Britain.

I doubt if many would argue that Manchester United Football Club is run by its manager Jose Mourinho.

Yes, he is the face and voice we currently associate with the club as he speaks on a frequent basis to national and international media.

Yes, he is influential in the short term in dictating the first team’s tactics and making many other decisions that affect their performance.

But Mourinho can’t guarantee he will be at Old Trafford next week, let alone plan for the club’s long-term future.

The real powers at Manchester United, as with almost every football club in the land, are the men (and occasional women) in the shadows.

How much do we know about the co-chairmen of Manchester United Avram and Joel Glazer?

Yet these are the people with the true power at one of the world’s most famous and richest clubs because they have the money!

They may delegate decisions to fellow directors and chief executive Ed Woodward but they retain the ultimate right to hire and fire.

It’s much the same in the political world.

How could you possibly put true power for the running of a nation in the hands of someone who must be re-elected every four or five years?

You could barely run a corner shop like that

So, in the United Kingdom for example, Theresa May is currently our Prime Minister.

But, even today as I’m writing this article, I’m reading of Tory grandees, some elected, others not so, discussing how long she has realistically got left in office.

Mrs May can only keep her job for as long as those with real power in her own political party dictate.

The general public, who inadvertently returned her to office via a hugely unconvincing General Election victory only last year, have no say in the matter altogether. Spam_A Spam_B So who are our real rulers?

You need to look beyond elections for the answer.

I can’t give a definitive list but, without any doubt, The Crown is infinitely more powerful than any elected politician or Government.

Many look upon the Royal Family as ceremonial figures – rather like a grander version of our local Mayor who presides over council meetings in a neutral capacity and cuts the tape at community events.

But the Royals are people of immense, obscene wealth, who are ‘always there’ irrespective of who is leading Westminster.

The Queen has a weekly audience with ‘her’ Prime Minister. It is only our naivety that prevents us from seeing what power and influence she has.

But nobody dares even to ask the question of what say Her Majesty has in affairs of state

Meanwhile The Crown Corporation runs the City of London which has a legal status beyond the rules of Parliament.

It has its own police force, Mayor, rules of business and even sends its own unelected representative to the House of Commons – the Remembrancer – to check our elected politicians aren’t rocking its fabulously wealthy boat too much.

In short, the evidence is out there if you choose to look.

‘Democracy’ plays a very small part in the running of the UK, as it does in almost all countries through the world.

Power lies among the grey suits with the most money – those who aren’t accountable for their actions every few years.

Putin, Trump, Merkel and Macron are all here-today-gone-tomorrow politicians….powerful and influential in the ‘theatre’ of today’s politics but, like Mourinho, mere puppets compared with the real masters.
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