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Widow's Sons Masonic Riders (AKA Bikers) Association...WHAT???!!!

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You all know about THE HELL'S ANGELS, an international organization originally formed by WW2 veterans in California.

Many of you know about THE PAGANS, an East coast Bikers association affiliated with the drug trade.

A small minority may know of biker's clubs who claim they are all members of Twelve Step Groups such as AA and NA.
These bikers travel under various names, as Twelve Step groups do NOT support and are NOT affiliated with any outside groups except their particular Twelve Step Programme.
I want to emphasize this and be very clear about this.

There are even clubs of "enthusiasts " whose members are active and retired members of the American police force.

And who has not watched THE SONS OF ANARCHY, a fictional international bikers group that was a guilty pleasure for many of us ?

But how many know that the Freemasons have an international group of "motorcycle enthusiasts" who wear Masonic regalia
and attend various motorcycle events to promote Freemasonry among other groups of bikers, er, excuse me, "motorcycle enthusiasts" ?

Yes, this is NOT a joke, my friends.
They call themselves WIDOW'S SONS, and their leather jackets  and motorcycles can be identified by Masonic signs and symbols.

I will tell the story of how I gained this info in my next post...very  entertaining, at least from my point of view.

In the meantime, here are some official sites which you can check out to your heart's content.
Another rabbit hole through which you can travel!

After all, EG tells me that we are encouraged to have fun while we learn here at the Gulag !

And I also want you to know that I have no grudge against bikers.
Have known  a few in my long lifetime.
One married into my family in the USA.
A  good friend's husband attended the yearly summer rally in a North-western state
and invited me to join him on his bike for a long distance ride.

The purpose of this thread is to inform you all that Secret Societies can exist right in front of your faces,
if you do not recognize the signs, symbols and greetings.


Masonic Dictionary / Widows Sons

The Official Homepage of the International Widows Sons Masonic


Re: Widow's Sons Masonic Riders (AKA Bikers) Association...WHAT???!!!
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Re: Widow's Sons Masonic Riders (AKA Bikers) Association...WHAT???!!!
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This is absolutely true. Never heard of widow's sons, but I know that the upper echelons of these biker "gangs" more so are definitely in cahoots with Freemasons and other like groups. I gave an older Bandito a certain code phrase about two years ago at a bar and he opened up immediately; he became my best friend on the spot and talked about things people who aren't awake would find shocking. He was a decent enough guy though and most are as long as you don't try crossing them. But they're involved in more than just the MC they're with.

Never had problems with Banditos; the Cossacks kinda stick to themselves; a more local group around here called The Lost are very anti-social compared to the former two clubs. In general just don't ever mess with them or their "property" or stick around the bar when two different clubs show up and you'll be fine. Cept maybe with those "The Lost."

The Banditos and the Cossacks were the ones involved in the shootout in Waco,TX a couple of years ago I believe, and if I remember the security video correctly it was one of the Cossacks that started it. Possibly even a FF, as the police were basically ready for the incident to pop off.
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Re: Widow's Sons Masonic Riders (AKA Bikers) Association...WHAT???!!!
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Thanks for your info, Poseidonlost.
I love hearing other people's stories.
So here's a recent one of my own.

If you watch the videos that accompany my post,
and the videos embedded within these two videos,
you will see that Mothers Sons are indeed Masonic Bikers.

I learned about them last weekend when I literally stumbled upon the Worcester
(pronounced Wusster)
Masonic Library and Museum on a coach trip through Herefordshire in England.

There was a 6 foot poster of a biker in his colours which were decorated with Masonic symbols.
It caught my eye immediately.
Masonic bikers ?

But let's go back a few steps...

Outside one of the most beautifully decorated buildings that I had ever seen,
was a gentleman who asked me if I was interested in the Freemasons.
I told him that indeed I was,
as my British grandfather had been "on the square".
He smiled and said "AH! You're one of us ! Come in ".
Apparently it was the second to the last day of a special exhibition  entitled Freemasonry Unwrapped.

I also explained that I was not one of them,
although I did have a high school friend in the USA who was a Rainbow Girl,
but she never invited me to join.
Apparently I ticked another box for these well-dressed gentlemen,
who started flocking around this woman with an American accent.

"What can we do for you? What do you want to know "?
I explained that as a child I had seen the Freemasons prepare my grandfather's body for the burial service,
but knew very little about the Masons.
So I lied.

But when I meet  interesting people unexpectedly
such as Kurds, Iraqis, Somalians, Sikh, Hindus, Mormons,people from various African and Asian countries, etc.
I like to get them talking and pump their brains for information.
I am always very polite and deliberately charming in these situations.
I recognize that I may be the only American that they may ever meet,
so I want them to come away with a good impression of Americans who are awake.

I explained that I was very limited for time as I came on a coach tour.
"OH yes!", one says."There was a man who just left who was taking a coach tour

"Well," says flirtatious me, "That would indeed be a longer coach tour".
All genuinely laughed and we were certainly enjoying the moment.

They started handing me pamphlets of information on various Masonic topics.
"Here is a pamphlet on all the good works we do ".
"No thank you , sir.  I am aware of what you do. Please save this for someone who is less informed".

I told them that I really wished that I had more time in order to explore their library.
"But what is that poster on Masonic Bikers ?
Now that is all new to me!"

Six men went scurrying around for the pamphlet but, as they say here in England "No joy",
meaning the expected did not occur.
"We must be all out of them today ".
So one kind fellow leaned up next to me and wrote MOTHERS SONS on the back of a flyer
and told me to search the net.
You have seen just a wee sample of written and videotaped information.
Much more is available,
even showing secret handshakes.

"Anything else we can do for you ?"

I thanked them all for being so helpful, as I was able to see the full regalia that masons wear at their meetings,
 fezzes, aprons, rings, and other symbolic memorabilia, even china and silverware.
There was even a small outfit that young boys could try on to prepare them for future membership.

" No gentlemen. You have all been very charming in your willingness to help me understand my grandfather's secret life."

"Well, we are not as secret as we were in your grandfather's time.
Please come another time and we will give you the full tour and explain our history."

" I will be sure to take you up on your kind offer,
as my husband and I are thinking of possibly moving to this lovely city
when he receives his trust funds."

Now 6 pairs of eyes widen , as they assume they have been speaking to one of the privileged class  !

I have been studying the extreme politeness of the middle and upper middle classes in the UK,
and observed how the privileged act through watching British films.
I certainly knew that it would be "bad form "(aka impolite)
to ask at what level of Masonry did they begin to realize whom they really served.
And I assumed that these were mid level masons,
certainly not the Masters who would give up a weekday to run he museum.

But I really am sorry that I missed that library !




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