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Under Sea Cables

Started by David Icke Bot, Nov 21, 2018, 06:00:35 AM

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Google and Facebook are gobbling up the internet's subsea cables

'More than 5,700 kilometres of the Atlantic Ocean separate the coastlines of France and Virginia. But in 2020 they will be directly connected for the first time by the Dunant submarine cable which will boost internet capacity between Europe and the east coast of the US.

When Dunant becomes operational it will join more than 428 submarine cables, spanning thousands of kilometres, that makeup the backbone of the internet. But this cable is unlike any other.

Named after the Henry Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross and winner of the first Nobel Peace Prize, the cable is owned by Google. It's the first transatlantic submarine cable that has been privately financed and deployed by one of the big tech firms.

"The issue often for the content providers – Google and Facebook – is they currently cannot source enough capacity from the existing cables for themselves," says Alan Mauldin, research director at TeleGeography, a telecoms data firm that tracks and maps subsea cables. "So they need to build to get that much access themselves."

The result is more of the internet's physical infrastructure is owned by the companies that have the biggest presence online.

Dunant may be the first subsea cables owned by one of the big tech firms to cross the Atlantic Ocean but it isn't the company's first private cable. In January 2016, Google also announced the Curie cable that would run from Chile to Los Angeles. In recent years, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have all invested in submarine cables to keep pace with increasing demand.'

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Submarine communications cable

Eastern Telegraph Company network in 1901. Dotted lines across the Pacific indicate then-planned cables laid in 1902–03.

2007 map of submarine cables

So, I expect I'm supposed to say:
Therefore Tyrants Google are the New Anglo-American Empire?

It's what it's used for, not who owns it so much, I think, especially re: The 'Internet'.

I think Orange (EE) have their own cables
... probably most large Telecomms operators will aim to have their own ..?

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Well. Will that not free up more space for us more sane people online? Let'em build their own. Have fun. Not like we're having trouble communicating here.  ;D 8)

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I wonder how many covert cables criss cross the ocean, and what they carry.

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