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Human Memory Technology in Development - Mind Control Tool?

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New Human Memory Technology in Development: Another Potential Mind Control Tool?

'Recent neurological research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has yielded some interesting radical insights into how our brains work with regard to memory formation. It has led to the ongoing development of new memory technology that enables neuroscientists to locate, enhance or even erase specific memories. It can also be used to willfully implant memories.

MIT lead researcher. Susumu Tonegawa. explains that the technology has been used to implant false memories, having the effect of perceiving a harmless situation as something threatening. This involved using a virus to artificially activate specific neurons in the amygdala, a brain region where fearful memories are stored… Spam_A Spam_B The opposite occurred in a later experiment where a situation normally interpreted as threatening was seen as positive through the memory implanting technology. Memory erasure was also carried out, involving the use of a toxin. The toxin destroyed a specific neural network pathway associated with a fearful experience… So far, this research has only been done on mice, but looks set to pave the way towards treating human memory.

Basically, the ability to treat memories works on the principle of the new technology being able to detect the specific network of activated neurons (nerve cells in the brain) during a particular memory. Elevated levels of a key protein called CREB is also detected in these activated neurons.'

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