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"Social-distancing" & 'Social-cohesion'? Are you sure, that this is your thing?

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TRUE STORY, happened < 2 hrs ago. First day out since The Clampdown.
I did have my camera with me but I was not prepared for Zombies of death so soon.
Actually, I was just planning on taking photos of shutdown of the bigger town I was trying to reach.

No Pre-meditation from me. I'd been waiting at a bus stop for 2-hrs for a StageCoach bus that never came.

Very quiet small town. I'd already met one trans-beardo-wierdo screaming about 'Armageddon', & 'EMP Pulse coming'; and another, a thoroughbred elderly who knew like I, what is actually happening because he'd been involved with the cleanup of The UK's FMD Bovine Pandemic disaster in 1999.
He said:
"It was released from Porton-Down". Well, maybe...

So me, sitting on the pavement, leaning up against the wall ... for 2-hrs.

Then, a queue of 3 people, twelve ft out into the road outside 'The Coop'.

Me: "So, what's this all about?" (being healthily talkative, and non submissive to fake authority).

SJW crinkly: 'We're observing Social Distancing because people are concerned about their health
(going straight into) .."And I question (or) 'I am questioning' YOUR ATTITUDE.'
Me: (now rearing up like a startled Lion):
"You don't know the God-damn first thing about my attitude!
Now get in that shop, do your shopping, and go home."

Oh, and it did. I've never seen anyone Kow-Tow to my will, so quickly, in all of my life.
Aside, when I got in, I found the shelves .. EMPTIED. They really were not restocking.

So again, Jobsworths'. Are you sure this is really, really your kind of long-game type-of-thing?
Because in 6/18/36 months. I ain't gonna be breaking your social-cohesiveness from a distance.
I'm going to be having you running out into the road hoping to get runover by an imaginary .. bus.

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