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Realtors vote 729-70 against your privacy

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Realtors vote 729-70 against your privacy
« on: Nov 12, 2019, 10:01:56 pm »


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Hey the National Association of Realtors has decided to ban any Realtor from utilizing any "pocket listings." Pocket Listings are properties that the owner doesn't want to be listed publicly for any reason really, be it privacy, hoping for a better sale price, or just, because. The NAR says it's not "fair" to have pocket listings around. Forget having the freedom to list a property how a client wants. Or having freedom of association.

The socialists will suck all competition from the markets until we're all competing for a closer spot in the soup kitchen lines. Then we'll just kill each other off and it'll be good for mother earth.  >:(

Pocket listing rule approved by NAR
by MEG WHITE - NOVEMBER 12, 2019

In remarks before the Multiple Listing Issues & Policy Committee on Saturday, Council of Multiple Listing Services CEO Denee Evans underlined that the goal of the new policy is to ensure everyone is participating in the MLS, to maintain its primacy as a listing source. Her remarks hinted at what some close watchers of MLS issues see as misinformation or misunderstanding about what the policy actually contains.

“This policy is not about the consumer losing their right to privacy. This policy is not about ‘coming soon’ listings. This policy is not about endorsing or shunning any business model. This policy is about stomping out dark silos of information,” she said. “This policy is about making sure all agents have access to all listings and are able to share them with their clients regardless if they know the “right agent” or belong to the right groups.”

It’s not just broker cooperation and competition that play into the debate. Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman made the argument in a blog post last week that pocket listings exacerbate housing discrimination and unequal access. “Academic research shows that it’s would-be buyers who are disproportionately people of color, immigrants and outsiders. These are the ones who don’t belong to the club, who don’t know the secret handshake, or the obscure website, or the private Facebook group, or the right agent,” he wrote. He also noted that though supporting the Clear Cooperation policy isn’t in his company’s best interests, he’s doing it anyway. “We aren’t doing this because it’s good for Redfin: We still have thousands of listings that we would love to reserve for our own website. But we know that the policy is a crucial protection for consumers.”

We'll all equally suck and no one will discriminate buying or selling property ever again.  ;D

These people make me sick.

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