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Absolutely Fabulously thrilled to death to hear of the coming BRITISH Civil-War.

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"It really is so dreadfully exasperating. What with Messr's BreXiT Farage and Heir apparent to the W├╝ttenburg billions bickering so pointlessly over an assured outcome. If one in the dirty circles of political intrigue is going to encourage the delusions of the lower-souls; then it will become necessary to be brought to heel; and thusly by being hurt in ones' pocket, where it injures the most.

Moreover, we must skip all these bothersome formalities and get Britain working again.

What is needed is a swift rounding up of the wanton and unkempt unemployables, bypassing the needless and wasted paperwork of European protections proferred upon them; and quickly cattle-truck them back off to to our 'Retraining for work' schemes as quickly as a favourable & following wind permits. Thereby providing them something they will recognise & understand, and all this could be done, as tribute to the once great Norman Tebbit MP. These people really are so hideously worrying & tiresome.

My Great-Great Godson in law trained at private-life-insurance college before becoming a police-officer, and it's so upsetting to see his time & skills being so wasted by the pointless delaying of the inevitable.

The quaint antics of messr's Farage and Johnson elect, are all so very tiresome upon one's true spiritual soul

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