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The Infiltration of the Truth Movement

Started by EvadingGrid, Jul 22, 2019, 09:56:09 AM

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The Infiltration of the Truth Movement

'Has the truth movement been infiltrated? That is the question explored in the following. In general, the question drew us toward the truth, in all respects, not the rigid answers that have been accepted and pushed blindly by the masses.

Likely, if you are reading these words, you are a truth rebel, you dare to question the status quo. Shining our light into all the darkness, even within ourselves, is the hardest task, but one with the greatest potential for making ourselves and the world a better place. Shall we begin?

How important is the truth? What power does it have to make our lives better? Can it make us happier, more fulfilled?

For most, the answer is yes — and no.

The truth is both the source of future happiness and bliss as well as the destroyer of falsehood and incompleteness. As such, when you encounter a new truth, it tends to shake us up.

It tends to activate us. How well we let that truth transform us depends on our willingness to grow and change, guided by discernment and wisdom. The truth — once received in the mind, lived by action in the body, felt in the heart through observation — is arguably the most powerful force in the universe, below the love, which gives truth life in our personal lives.

If you love the truth with a whole heart, you will be raised, step by step, experience through experience, to the heights of spiritual glory. But this is easier said than done.

Questioning your truths doesn't always feel good, and often it can be painful, but only when we fight the rising tide.

In such cases, experience itself often humbles us when our incomplete knowledge creates chaos in our lives. Therefore, taking the opportunity to question ourselves before calamity strikes, saves us unnecessary pain and suffering.

The truth movement is a loose term referring to those who've felt the desire to make sense of a world that seems chaotic, cruel, and indifferent.

Generally speaking, it encompasses conspiracies, spirituality, government corruption, and anything that society, for one reason or another, has deemed untrue or unreal. But more than this, the truth movement is a personal call to claim the treasures of wisdom that all are welcome to take hold of.

Psychologically, the pain, suffering, and uncertainty of life push us to seek knowledge so we can improve our lives. Whole systems of neurology exist for the purpose of rewarding us for seeking knowledge and building skill. And these same systems make us feel negative emotions when we don't grow.'

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'It's Easier to Fool People Than to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled'

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