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British Hummiliate and Totally Ownz . . . The New York Times . . . .

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'I offered my US friend a cup of tea and she said "sure" instead of "yes, thank you"': Londoners continue to bombard the New York Times with hilarious 'petty crime' stories 24 hours after the newspaper's Twitter request for readers' experiences

* NYTs ridiculed by sarcastic British Twitter users after asking Londoners to describe encounters of petty crime
* The paper finally responded today with the tweet 'touche', but Londoners continue to send up the first tweet
* Tea-making errors, queuing issues and social awkwardness all featured heavily in the thousands of responses
* Paper recently claimed all Londoners ate boiled mutton until well into the 2000s, sparking a flood of mockery

By Rod Ardehali For Mailonline
Published: 12:44 GMT, 14 December 2018

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