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Its a disturbing fact:

Sagan went from being an open minded professor of human history to a PARANOIA fostering AGW/CC
Catastrophist. Is it a coincidence that his year 2000 Millenniumist emergent propaganda of protecting the elites' (fake) philanthropic interests on earth are contiguous with his primary project, of which he was founder: aka SETI. (The search for extra-terrestrial intellligence)?
The elites believe they should inherit and husband the earth.
Humankind will be their classes of Serfs, Geberas, Churls and Geneatas. (Early english land/farming social-structure).


See starting at 56 minutes, or watch the whole thing to get his original take on catastrophism.
He says catastrophism, predicted by the appearance of comets, even Tunguska, is all superstitious nonsense but then goes on, in a grey-haired re-appearance, in his 'Science Update', to say we are all doomed if we don't change our ways. What happened? Why the switch from optimist to Catastrophist?

The Earth is currently in Thermal Equilibrium as shown in results of collating a whole century of Thermosonde balloon measurements. It is not, despite China's best efforts, in a state of Carbon Greenhouse Gas run-away. Read about that on

The elites, are working very hard now, with help from Satan, to impose a world-order of Chinese Model dehumanisation. It's just evident. Evident online, on the street, evident everywhere because people are dumb cattle, and will go along with anything. Catastrophism is here, no question but it's entirely going to be social-score oriented, posing as beneficient caretaker. Like God; an absent Father.

The Elites don't want to go like Jeffy Eppy did. They want their influence felt and remembered for a thousand years. Who will actually, really; stop them? The elite want us to believe, because it's so easy now, to convince us, that "God is 14,000 Million light-years 'that-a'way', looking in the other direction."

There is no forgiveness in this business, how can there be?

Armageddon? Good! The Liars, aka Illuminati, New-Order in europe, need to be attacked in permanence, on every front, until they are obliterated from the timeline; if you want a scientific solution.
Taking away any feeling of surity, of peace & security from them.
What goes around comes around, forever.

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