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Outstanding Goonshow Lines.

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Outstanding Goonshow Lines.
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Telephone rings.

Hello, Seagoon, British Embassy Peking here.

(Clerk, at end of line.) Hello sir. Information here. Japanese are closing in on Peking.

Then you must take every precaution.

I have sir. Twenty armed men on the roof of the building. We've sand-bagged the entrance. Three battalions of guards in the slit trenches and I've mined the whole area around me.

Good man. Where are you speaking from?

A phone box in East Acton.


(This may be a one-off, or I may develop it into something).
Purely for a laugh. No seriousness will ever be implied or transmitted.
Or I may delete it. However, it is my opinion that a man is incomplete without some Goons.
No information available concerning women, as this mission to encounter new life hasn't met any yet.
MP out!

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