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New York Safe Act - Creating Criminals out of Gun Owners

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New York Safe Act - Creating Criminals out of Gun Owners
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With SAFE Act deadline looming, it's time to re-certify

Thousands upon thousands of manila folders sit on dozens of shelves. Merola estimates more than 18,000 pistol permit holders have information stored in his clerk's office basement, and at least 10,000 are still alive and active. But as of September, only about 1,550 had adhered to a key provision of the controversial NY SAFE Act gun law.

"We've only had a small number of people that have actually re-certified to this point," Merola explained. "And you've got to get it done by January 31."

The SAFE Act contains a special provision for pistol permits, which garnered little attention when it was passed on a so-called "message of necessity" by the New York State legislature in January 2013. The law requires every pistol permit holder who registered in the decades before Jan. 15, 2013, to re-certify their permit with the New York State Police every five years. In 2017, the State Police set up a simple online tool where the corresponding permit holders can log in using personal information, certify that their information is correct and receive the required five-year extension.

The State Police were tasked with carrying out the process and notifying gun owners of the need to re-certify. To fulfill the task, the agency sent out more than 372,388 notification letters to the registered handgun owners of Upstate New York in January 2017.  According to an agency spokesman, only 298 letters were returned. The rest were presumed to have been received, although county clerks from the 10 Capital Region counties variously told Spectrum News that dozens or hundreds of their constituents had not received such letters. 


From my understanding, one must have a valid pistol permit in order to own guns in New York state and the permit is given by county/city that you live in.  Doing certification one must provide a list of all guns owned (mandatory registration).

There is a video in the link.  The possibility of confiscation is brought up.

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