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NRA capitulates within days of Vegas (The NRA is NOT your friend)

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You have to love the rant on gun control, and then they immediately ask for gun control...

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Re: NRA capitulates within days of Vegas (The NRA is NOT your friend)
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Yea I saw that , must admit I was surprised not that they rolled over, but that did it without a fight and almost instantly.

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Re: NRA capitulates within days of Vegas (The NRA is NOT your friend)
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For a second I thought you guys meant they were going to turn in their guns !

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Re: NRA capitulates within days of Vegas (The NRA is NOT your friend)
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When the NRA says

"the NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations."

There are two choices with this scenario:

Devices like the bump fire stock and binary triggers would be either deemed illegal or placed on the NFA (National Firearms Act) registry.

What does being placed on the NFA registry entail
1.  $200 tax stamp if classified as a machine gun or $5 tax stamp if classified as AOW (Any other weapon)
2.  The gun that you are placing the rapid fire device on would have to be registered with the ATF
3.  At least 9 month wait for approval (ATF is working through of huge backlog of processing NFA requests)
4.  You must provide them with fingerprints and passport photo
5.  Depending on how the device is registered (individual or trust) there is a limitation on who could transport or have possession of the rifle

Q. What if you wanted to take the bump stock off one rifle and place on another rifle?
A.  Complete the steps above again.

NRA's position is a very slippery slope.  ATF has already ruled these devices are legal and are NOT machine guns by legal definition.  If Congress or the Trump administration wants to ban them then they have to pass a law.

Great article below about why this position is dangerous for gun owners.
For the past few years the gun community has gotten a lot of things approved by exploiting technicalities in the language of the NFA. For example Echo/Binary triggers are legal because the NFA defines a machine gun based on a single “function” of the trigger, not a single “pull.”

The ATF has conceded that SIG Braces can be shouldered because shouldering a pistol does not remake it a rifle. Basically, the ATF is applying the statute as written, unlike many other government agencies, and we are getting functional work-arounds to parts of the NFA.

With their stance on regulation of bump fire stocks, the NRA is advocating that pressure be put on the ATF to look at the spirit of the law, not the actually letter of the law as written. Moreover, Republicans in Congress have sent a letter to the ATF requesting the same.

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Edited: To provide more clarity on NFA process

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