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Matt Drudge: Let’s Have a Military Industrial Complex Parade

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Another Day In The Empire
Matt Drudge: Let’s Have a Military Industrial Complex Parade
May 9, 2017
Kurt Nimmo

The Daily Mail article is about Russia’s Victory Day parade. 10,000 troops marched through Red Square.

“The annual march in Moscow marks the defeat of Hitler in the Second World War, but the Russian president was using it today to showcase the Kremlin’s modern military might.”

Matt Drudge thinks Trump should mimic the Russians and roll out the latest military industrial complex death tech for all to see, especially the Russians and maybe Little Kim and the North Koreans.

I’m sure President McMaster and the generals would approve.
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Re: Matt Drudge: Let’s Have a Military Industrial Complex Parade
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Al Bundy

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Tanjug 12/10/2019 6:34 PM

SKOPJE - € 700 million will be spent in the next ten years to modernize the armed forces of Northern Macedonia, TV21 reports.
This relates to the modernization of the Light Infantry, including the procurement of armored personnel carriers.

The United States will modernize the army of Northern Macedonia, and a transpotter supply agreement will be signed shortly, according to this source.
The addition of multi-purpose helicopters is also planned. The purchase of more helicopters is also planned, as those owned by the Army of the Republic of Northern Macedonia (ARM) are already considered obsolete as their use expires in 2024.


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