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Gregor Mendel

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Gregor Mendel
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Born in 1822, Mendel studies primarily Physics in what is now the Czech Republic.

Mendel bred peas and studied their inheritance. Mendel is now known as the "father of modern genetics" due to the disciplined studying techniques he picked up from Physics.

His work was published in an obscure journal and the few who read it could not understand it it.

20 years after his death his work was rediscovered, around 1900, and this led to the beginning of modern genetics as a science.

To give an example of the time Mendel lived in, his doctor prescribed him cigar smoking as a way to lose weight. The fact he could take refuge from the mad world, in the peace of a monastery, undoubtedly contributed to his ability to study truth.

Charles Darwin could have benefited from knowing about his work. Ultimately chromosomes and the genetic code they carry were discovered in the early 1900s and validated Mendel and Darwin. The old favoured theory "blending inheritance" was forgotten.


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