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Trump has turned over the military decisions to Bilderberger, James Mattis.   Therefore the only option that US will choose is perpetual warfare. 
Thanks for posting EG.

I wonder about the timing of the release of this document. With the media's anti Russia coverage and the escalation of war in Syria,  it feels like the shadow government is condition the public for a major conflict.   
Defense Intelligence Agency Releases Russia Military Power Assessment

By DIA Public Affairs | June 28, 2

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The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) today released “Russia Military Power,” a report that examines the core capabilities of the resurgent Russian military.  It is the first in a series of unclassified military power assessments on major threats facing the United States.

The series of reports are designed to help the public achieve a deeper understanding of key threats to U.S. National Security and will focus on DIA’s five “no fail” missions, which also includes China, North Korea, Iran and transnational terrorism.

“These products are intended to foster a dialogue between U.S. leaders, the national security community, partner nations, and the public about the challenges we face in the 21st century,” said Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart, DIA director.

The resurgence of Russia on the world stage – seizing the Crimean Peninsula, destabilizing eastern Ukraine, intervening in Syria, and shaping the information environment to suit its interests – poses a major challenge to the United States and its allies and led to the development of these “military power” publications.

“Within the next decade, an even more confident and capable Russia could emerge. The United States needs to anticipate, rather than react, to Russian actions and pursue a greater awareness of Russian goals and capabilities to prevent potential conflicts,” said Stewart.

DIA has a long history of producing comprehensive and authoritative defense intelligence overviews. The first unclassified Soviet Military Power assessment was published in 1981 and was translated into eight languages and distributed around the world as an annual report in the 80’s, until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

The 2017 military power report series includes analysis of foreign national security strategies, military doctrines, force structures, and core military capabilities, including nuclear forces, biological and chemical weapons, underground facilities, space/counterspace and cyber operations.

The China assessment, the next in the series planned for release, will offer insights into the modernization of Chinese military power and its engagement in military diplomacy across the globe.


Unless you try talking to her, like asking "what is your prime directive?" ( for example) you'll be puzzled why this has been posted.

Type in the box !!!

Louise Cypher - The most powerful Cyber Psyops system on the Internet

General Discussion / Re: Can't Listen To Alex. Just Can't
« Last post by EvadingGrid on Today at 03:27:19 pm »
Acharya S features in this : 

The "Real" Zeitgeist Challenge Debunked (full video)

Since she got a mention.
The Mandela Effect refers to a phenomenon in which a large number of people share false memories of past events, referred to as confabulation in psychiatry. Some have speculated that the memories are caused by parallel universes spilling into our own, while others explain the phenomenon as a failure of collective memory.

Remind you of anything ?
General Discussion / Re: Can't Listen To Alex. Just Can't
« Last post by Geolibertarian on Today at 03:05:58 pm »
From the article you linked,

"There are people in this country who can safely express their anger. And those who can’t. If you’re angry that Trump won, your anger is socially acceptable. If you were angry that Obama won, it wasn’t."

That 'safety' in expressing anger is based on either, 1) the majority opinion, or 2) who you want to 'friend' you on facebook...

There's a third factor, which is how the corporate-whore "news" media react to that anger. Just as they "manufacture consent," to quote Noam Chomsky, they also manufacture mass outrage over some issues and mass indifference to other (usually more important) issues. In either case it has nothing to do with "ratings" and everything to do with furthering the political agenda of the oligarchs and robber barons of whom they are loyal servants. Trump is a shady character, to say the least, but he's not their shady character, and that's why they hate him.

Really - can you defend that 'grab their pussies' comment?

Of course not, nor do I see a need to, since (a) I was never part of the Trump bandwagon (I stayed home in disgust on election day), and (b) I prefer to spend the limited time I have focusing on what, in my opinion, are far more important issues.

Some are angered by his "grab" comment, and that's fine. As distasteful as that 12-year-old comment is, however, I'm nevertheless far more angered by what he's actually doing now as president -- his reckless foreign policy, his apparent desire to impose brutal austerity measures on the poorest of Americans while continuing to line the pockets of the ruling-class parasites who own the military- and medical-industrial complexes, and his refusal to even remotely challenge the undeclared war on civil liberties that's been underway since 9/11.

Once you have effectively created the echo chamber, nobody is interested in posting anything that might challenge the prevailing ideology. In the case of PPF, I found that people refused to see the islamic jihadists were a creation of the globalists (as documented in their own papers), and instead preferred to tar all muslims with the same brush.

It's precisely because I don't want to tar all Muslims with the same brush that I oppose an all-out ban on immigration (which many Trump supporters advocate -- "Build that wall!"), yet strongly support vetting people at the border in order to separate the wheat from the chaff (figuratively speaking).

A generalization that is not true. All muslims are not inherently "violent" - as Bill Maher suggests (and you agreed with him), but that's the prevailing attitude at the PPF;

I don't think that's an entirely accurate interpretation of what he said. His point was not that "all" Muslims are "inherently" violent, but that an alarming percentage "condone" violence when carried out by fellow Muslims in specific situations in which their religion requires that violent action be taken.

I don't have a personal dislike of, nor do I fear, any human being just because his or her religion happens to be Islam (or Christianity, or Judaism, or Hinduism, etc.). Where I draw the line is when people use religion as an excuse to either engage in violent behavior or to replace -- or attempt to replace -- a secular government with a theocratic one.

at least with the majority of people who post most frequently, and it's ok with the rest, because they just affirm that belief to each other. That's the echo chamber. It got tiresome trying to point out the reality of an entire religious group being demonized for the actions of the brainwashed, mk-ultraed, saudi-backed wahhabi-trained jihadis. Because that wasn't what anyone wanted to talk about; it was much more interesting to just bash away. False flags no longer existed; it was all the fault of those dastardly muslims. Not the globalists, the muslims. What an amazing con job.

I created a thread entitled, Did Saudi Arabia bring down Building 7, in precise response to what you just described. The masses of migrants that are flooding various parts of Western Europe are being used as pawns on a chess board. Muslim-bashers are spending so much time waxing alarmist about the pawns that they've lost sight of (or, worse, are choosing to ignore) the far more important question of who the chess masters are, and are hence failing to recognize how they themselves are being manipulated. (see below)

Thanks for the link to that site - it looks interesting, and I'll read it.

It's the web site of the author whose book on Christianity largely inspired the portion of the original Zeitgeist film that addresses religion.

I think that having strong reservations about a religion means that you probably aren't interested in converting - that you're happy with whatever spiritual tradition you follow. But "strong reservations" can mean many things. What does that mean to you?

It means having strong reservations about the religion itself, not the person who practices it -- except, of course, when such practice harms (or attempts or threatens to harm) the person or property of another. I have a family member who's very much a religious fundamentalist. I have reservations about her beliefs, but don't see her as any less of a family member because of those beliefs, which is why I always make a point of keeping those reservations to myself. As long as my personal boundaries are respected, I'm generally a "live and let live" person.

I could go on, but I'll leave it at that for now.

Watching this, I realized that Melissa's message is the antidote to Carl Sagan's video "Pale Blue Dot."

Watch this:

If you watched that video, how did it make you feel?

Pale Blue Dot, is about our planet, and it's place in the galaxy... about astronomy, but when you watch it, and listen to Carl Sagan's words, it seems to be a message of human insignificance. He says we're all living on a "mote of dust, suspended in a sunbeam"... something that might make you feel as though your life, our lives are hardly worth anything but what's here and now, because we're living on "a lonely speck in the great, enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves."

The message: we're insignificant, we're alone. Not a message of hope, not a message that recognizes any form of spiritual existence (in fact, it's clearly atheistic), and it might even push some to complete anomie; a sense of meaninglessness, of emptiness. This is what lays behind addictions, suicides; the escape into drugs, alcohol, or whatever compulsion will work to 'check out' of life.

Problem: we are insignificant; that nothing we do matters, nothing we think matters.
Reaction: Drugs, alcohol, sex, spending, gambling, any compulsions that 'ease the pain', including suicide.
Solution: brain modifications - perhaps erasing memories, planting new ones. (Transhumanism)
 (See: Total Recall, by Philip K. Dick)

There is no real solution that embraces a spiritual life. Nothing that Sagan points out indicates that perhaps the answer isn't what's 'out there' (he says, 'nothing'). Maybe they don't want us to seek spirituality, to seek God, because that would destroy their plans. The Anti-God Globalists don't want a society that has a moral compass - because that compass would point away from the direction they're seeking to take us in.

Melissa's message is one of hope: we're here because everything that has happened to us in our lives, good and bad, has informed lives, bringing us to this point. The scientifically inexplicable things that happen - the things we're taught aren't 'real' or that are 'coincidences' - are things we should pay attention to. Spirituality is part of life; and a part that is being eradicated by the globalist controllers. And we can see how hard they're trying to destroy religious belief systems.
See Also

Dr Richard Day

The Illuminati Plan to Enslave Americans (1969)

The New Order of Barbarians is the transcript of three tapes of reminiscences made by  Dr Lawrence Dunegan, of a speech given on March 20, 1969 by Dr Richard Day (1905-89), an insider of the "Order," recorded by Randy Engel in 1988. Dr Dunegan claims he attended a medical meeting on March 20, 1969 where Dr Richard Day (who died in 1989 but at the time was Professor of Paediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York and was previously the Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America) give "off the record" remarks during an addressed at the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society to a meeting of students and health professionals, who were destined to be leaders in medicine and health care.

Frankfurt School

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