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Hi from Michigan

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Hello all,

Thanks for allowing me here. I've been a prisonplanet forum member for many years now. I never knew this site existed but from the looks of things it looks very interesting. Look forward to chatting with you guys. My username is the same as prisonplanet.


Welcome aboard Red

Hey Optimus thanks! I'm seeing quite a few from prisonplanet forums. Unfortuately I'm locked out of prisonplanet forums at the moment and I cannot find anyone to help. I cannot access any of the moderators over there, and I've tried tweeting Alex to no avail. UGH!

So thanks for the welcome, I have a lot of ready to do to get caught up here.....


Hellooooo Rini here from ppf forum. Glad to be back :)

We are beginning to turn to this point with a good message. And subject to the


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