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[1] Some Journal links

[2] CrisPr Babies. And the risk of getting fried by 5G wireless.

[3] The Atlantic Jet-Stream is mimicking the human politics: Totally Schizophrenic.

[4] XR are failing by focusing on increasing alienation viz our own Species & Spirit

[5] An Earth-Directed Solar Storm & A Holy Grail | Space Weather News 01.06.2020

[6] I love physics; and the matrices and vectors enhance my delusion of being sexy.

[7] TamithaSkov's Solar Flare Predictions and weekly Space weather Forecasts.

[8] Elon Musk’s rogue fleet of internet satellites so big it’s BLOCKING STAR VIEWING

[9] Growing ferns or plants on the ISS ¦ Still a long way from a hydroponics bay


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