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Imagine if George W. Bush had orange skin when he was in office

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Dr. Naomi Hunter

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1)  Signs treasonous "PATRIOT" Act: ORANGE MAN BAD!

2)  Commits war crimes by attacking/invading Afghanistan and Iraq:  ORANGE MAN BAD!

3)  Complicit in coverup and monumental lies about 9/11:  ORANGE MAN BAD!

4)  Signs off on treasonous 4th amendment violating authorizing intel agencies to spy on Americans:  ORANGE MAN BAD!

5)  Signs off on torture, Guantanamo Bay:  ORANGE MAN BAD!

6)  Pretends to be pro-gun, while signing into law the 2007 NICS instant background check system:  ORANGE MAN BAD!

7)  Complicit in CIA propaganda with CIA perpetrated beheadings to scare Americans into re-electing him in 2004:  ORANGE MAN BAD!

8 )  Appointing John Roberts to Chief Justice who (and they knew this beforehand) single-handedly rammed through unconstitutional Obamacare /w individual mandate:  ORANGE MAN BAD!

9)  LIED claiming that illegal spying on Americans "stopped the tallest building in Los Angela's from being hit with a plane"--a building he couldn't even name because it was completely made up:  ORANGE MAN BAD!

10)  Signed unconstitutional 2006 Military Commissions Act:  ORANGE MAN BAD!

11)  Responsible for the perpetuation of treasonous "Global War on Terror" resulting in the murder of 2,000,000+ Iraqi's and Afghani's during his term in office:  ORANGE MAN BAD!

I must have George W. Bush derangement syndrome, amirite?

Do you get the point of this post?

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Re: Imagine if George W. Bush had orange skin when he was in office
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I asked people in the duped left, these last four years... "where was all this rage when the son of a CIA spook little George Jr was running the show"?  When asked, they ALL sing the praises of Bush!!!

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