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I am a firm believer in what has been apocryphally called: "The Eugenics Wars"

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OK, my bad. My own situation has never sat easily with the promises of a level battle-field.

After 62 yrs, I have never had kids. And guess who is always there looking to disrupt
my relationships, by whatever means the devil gives them access to when I am in a relationship?

Yes, it's the working-class. Violent, predatory antics.
Anything they could/can do to reduce my chances of procreating.
You think this is a joke; this is funny? Then you are the problem; you're one of them.
Yet, the random people of chaos have no end-game after they reach the conclusion to their chaos.
Then they can only desist, and retreat to their bar-stool from where they continue a campaign to protect some 1mtr² of their ideas.

This is the problem. How to transcend that dilemma. Yeah you got it? The Eugenics Wars.
I want to see where this is going. My 'middle-class' civil-servant family is decimated, I am the last.
I am the very last in my family tree, hanging like that proverbial last leaf. Once I fall, that's it; we're over.

Maybe there's a good reason. I'm open, just about, to the idea that this world is going to become
such a hell-hole, and soon, that I am being spared the misery of having to see my
'would have beens' so ruined by what is to come. I get it though, it's still in the regime of statistical probabilities.

Don't hold back, Global Government protagonists; you don't have the luxury of time.
You don't control time.
When was it that I became afraid of being the hell-raiser; the instigating demon-chaser?
I may have much more than you.

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Nobody will tell anyone this, because it does not suit their ideological theme rides, BUT . . .

Actually the world population is levelling off and reaching a natural limit.
The way to control population is by raising people out of poverty.
This is happening, the poor are being raised out of poverty on a global scale.

Like I said, nobody will tell you this because it sinks several ideological beliefs.

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They are doing population control through the medical system.

We are living in the Fig Tree Generation.

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They are doing population control through the medical system.

We are living in the Fig Tree Generation.


Cancer cures known since early 1900s socked away at the Rockefeller foundation because it's a great tool for population reduction. Bribery in the scientific community for desired conclusions.

If you count behavioral control, then we can include media, academia, politicians, and corrupt justice systems.

Awash in deceit.

Dunno if you've seen the "Dr Richard Day" notes from 1969.

Good news is they can't always get what they want. There IS an authority above themselves.

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You Americans and your stupid great blether-mouths and your crazy-person human-experiments ...
... I can't even listen to the American sociologue or socio-psychoanalyst without feeling unwell.


and ... and ...

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IMF's Christine Lagarde worried about Asia's aging population

The head of the International Monetary Fund has praised Asian nations for their efforts toward economic expansion and poverty reduction. But she warned that an increasingly aging population might become a huge obstacle...

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