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To paraphrase the left's Incantation:Trump is not 'actually Hitler'; SOROS maybe

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So on a serious note for a change ...
Two-Faced lying George Soros has classically said that the reason for MASSIVE FUNDING of any LEFT_WING group which will fight BreXiT, is that he 'cares for Britain so much'

HISTORICAL REFERENCE.His is a similar argument to that used by ADOLF HITLER. And I don't mean this rhetorically as theubiquitous blind, deaf, dumb and semi-literate leftists do. Hitler to decried his personal experiencesof the communists, which is where is where his first purges on ascendency to National Socialism pointed.ADOLF HITLER'S real grandparents actually lived in what has been historically for generations now,the predominantly LEFT held Liverpool.

You see, I believe it is worth studying history and its' narratives and draw out the similarities in a future of unknowns.I suggest, that Soros' dying Act will be to accidentally start a war in Europe based on classical divisions, and it'll be 'accidental', since his agenda is to blame BreXiT for all known evils. Just as ADOLF HITLER invaded RUSSIA with an intention of turning that huge Resilient Nation's population into dumb untermensch slaves,

ADOLF did not much intend to seriously invade Britain ... because of the lack of a land-bridge to cross and because he believed Brits were more on a par with the Ubermensch Teutonic inheritance. A man like Soros, with an estimated $170 Billions worth (and rising), can do a lot of Mortal damage ... in the name of do-gooding. He's just the catalyst the ready and willing war-mongers of Europe Future need! Perhaps?

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