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Russia / US Abandonment of INF Treaty Planned Long Before Announced
« Last post by EvadingGrid on Today at 01:34:47 am »

US Abandonment of INF Treaty Planned Long Before Announced

US pullout of the JCPOA nuclear deal and Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty was planned by Trump regime hardliners long before announced.

In June 2002, the Bush/Cheney regime withdrew from the landmark 1972 ABM Treaty, the move announced six months earlier.<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span>

Agreed to by Richard Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev, the treaty prohibited both countries “from deploying national defenses against long-range ballistic missiles and from building the foundation for such a defense,” the Arms Control Association explained, adding:<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span>

“The treaty was based on the premise that if either superpower constructed a strategic defense, the other would build up its offensive nuclear forces to offset the defense.”<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span>

“The superpowers would therefore quickly be put on a path toward a never-ending offensive-defensive arms race as each tried to balance its counterpart’s action.”

New START is next on the Trump regime’s chopping block for elimination when expires in February 2021 if DJT is still in power.

Agreed to by the US and Russia in April 2010, it succeeded START I (1991) and the 2002 Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty (SORT).

New START limits deployment of strategic nuclear warheads to 1,550, a major reduction from earlier levels, a verification regime agreed on to assure both sides comply with their obligations.

In June, Bolton said extending New Start on expiration is unlikely. Despite knowing nothing about its important provisions, Trump called it a “bad deal.”

Putin said no Trump regime official “is willing to talk about (extending New START) with us.” By letter in June to Trump, eight House and Senate Dems urged him to extend the treaty, saying:

Failure to continue “the benefits of New START by (not) extend(ing) the agreement would be a serious mistake for strategic stability and US security.”

Failure to extend it by the Trump regime will abandon the last pillar of arms control in favor of unrestrained weapons of mass destruction development and deployment.

Time and again, the US falsely accused Russia and other countries of breaching their obligations to unjustifiably justify abandoning its own mandated commitments.

Falsely accusing Moscow of breaching the INF Treaty was head-fake deception, a pretext for what bipartisan US hardliners intended all along.

Big Lies about Moscow breaching the treaty began by the Obama regime over five years ago, continued by Trump hardliners.

A hugely dangerous arms race began, including likely deployment of short-and-intermediate/nuclear-capable cruise and ballistic missiles close to the borders of US adversaries — notably Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

Putin said Russia won’t breach INF Treaty provisions except in response to US violations, adding:

“Russia has all the military technical premises for that, its reaction (to) be rapid. I know what I am talking about, but this is classified information so far. I am sure the Americans are fully aware of that as well,” adding:

Russia will start full-scale development and deployment of INF Treaty-banned missiles in response to the US taking this step.

“Before such weapons enter the arsenal of the Russian army, real threats to Russia in connection with the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty will be reliably counteracted by our existing means.”

If the US abandons arms control treaties, “there would be no instrument in the world to curtail the arms race,” Putin stressed — a hugely dangerous development with bipartisan neocon extremists running things in the US, hellbent for endless wars of aggression and other hostile actions.

Putin lamented that during the Cold War, “there were at least some rules that all participants in international communication more or less adhered to or tried to follow.”<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span>

“Now, it seems that there are no rules at all. (T)he world has become more fragmented and less predictable, which is…most important and” recklessly dangerous.

His long ago attempt to save the ABM Treaty fell on deaf ears in Washington — what he called “the cornerstone of the entire international security system” now gone.

The US bears full responsibility for “cross(ing) out many years of efforts aimed at reducing the prospect of a major military conflict, including the use of nuclear weapons,” he said.

Sergey Lavrov explained that the Trump regime intended to abandon the INF Treaty long before announced last February.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said months before the Trump regime’s announced withdrawal, the US “budget…included funds for the development of” INF Treaty-banned missiles.

Lavrov said the decision was taken without dialogue with Russia. US war department spokesman Robert Carver falsely claimed the move is “purely defensive.”

US military actions are hostile and aggressive at a time when its only enemies are invented. No real ones exist — not Russia, China, Iran or any other nations.

US tests of INF Treaty-banned missiles began in mid-August on San Nicolas Island, California, the Trump regime war department announced, more surely coming unrestrained.

In early August, US war secretary Mark Esper said “we would like to deploy (INF Treaty-banned missiles) sooner rather than later” in the Indo/Pacific region near China and North Korea.

Days before the Trump regime’s formal INF Treaty pullout, Pompeo falsely said the US “will not remain party to a treaty that is deliberately violated by Russia” — a bald-faced Big Lie, while concealing US violations since the end of the Clinton co-presidency, according to Lavrov.

On Tuesday, US army secretary Ryan McCarthy said the war department intends developing nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles.

Deployment of nuclear-capable INF Treaty-banned missiles in Europe may follow their installation in East Asia.

Endless US wars of aggression and by other means on targeted nations, abandonment of arms control treaties and other hostile actions, heightened the risk of nuclear war.

What’s unthinkable is possible because of recklessly dangerous extremists in charge of US foreign policy.



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Strange connections between Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein

Item starts at 31.20


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General Discussion / Re: Jeffery Epstein
« Last post by tahoeblue on Aug 21, 2019, 09:23:35 am »
Can you say Lewinsky ?
Epstein Visited Clinton White House Multiple Times In The 1990s
Tyler Durden
July 25th, 2019
This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.
Bill Clinton’s attempts to distance himself from convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein have taken yet another blow – after a Daily Beast investigation reveals that the financier – who came highly recommended by Lynn Forester de Rothschildvisited the Clinton White House multiple times.


Rothschild letter

In 1995, Lynn Forester de Rothschild writes “Dear Mr. President: It was a pleasure to see you recently at Senator Kennedy’s house. There was too much to discuss and too little time. Using my fifteen seconds of access to discuss Jeffrey Epstein and currency stabilization, I neglected to talk to you about a topic near and dear to my heart. Namely, affirmative action and the future.”

| - -- -
Epstein had bizarre painting of Bill Clinton in dress, heels in townhouse
By Larry Celona and Chris Perez

August 14, 2019 | 6:28pm

| - - -

n the summer of 1995, after graduating from Lewis and Clark College, she landed an unpaid internship in the White House chief of staff’s office, working out of the Old Executive Office Building.

That November, when many White House staffers were furloughed during a federal government shutdown, Lewinsky and other interns (who were allowed to keep working since they weren’t on the payroll), were moved into the West Wing to answer phones and run errands.

During this time, Lewinsky flirted with the president and the two had their first sexual encounter on the night of November 15 in the White House. Later that month, she took a paying job in the Office of Legislative Affairs.

According to Lewinsky, in the months that followed she and Bill Clinton had seven more sexual liaisons in the White House. Lewinsky’s visits to the Oval Office drew notice from people in the administration, and in April 1996 a deputy chief of staff had her transferred to a job at the Pentagon.

The president and Lewinsky had two more trysts, the last in spring 1997, and afterward remained in touch by phone.


Linda Tripp

At the Pentagon, Lewinsky became friends with a coworker, Linda Tripp, in whom she confided details of her affair with the president. Tripp in turn shared the story with a literary agent she knew, Lucianne Goldberg, an anti-Clinton conservative.

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Politics in General / Re: The Brexit betrayal is happening
« Last post by EvadingGrid on Aug 21, 2019, 01:36:05 am »

EU may talk tough, but it needs Brexit deal as much as UK – Galloway on German leaks

'Both sides may try to seem tough ahead of Brexit talks, but the EU needs the deal as much as the UK, George Galloway said in reference to leaks claiming that Germany is reluctant to renegotiate an agreement with Britain.

An internal briefing paper for the government of Angela Merkel stated that Germany wasn’t going to accept Boris Johnson’s demand to drop the Irish backstop and prepared for a No Deal Brexit ahead, German paper Handelsblatt reported. This came as German finance minister Olaf Scholz was taking to UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid in Berlin on Friday.

But Galloway believes that the revelations were no reason to panic, as “everyone talks tough before they sit down at the negotiations table.”

“Of course, it’s possible that the EU will prefer what will be if not a cataclysm, certainly, but a very bumpy landing,” he said, referring to the No Deal possibility. But “there’s no reason” for Brussels and London to not to reach a mutually satisfying arrangement. Capitalism is the key factor here, according to Galloway.

The EU has a very substantial trade surplus with us. We buy far more from them than they buy from us, and business is business… The business interests in the EU definitely require a negotiated settlement.'

Read more: EU may talk tough, but it needs Brexit deal as much as UK – Galloway on German leaks



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General Discussion / Re: Have you realized you've been duped by Trump yet?
« Last post by EvadingGrid on Aug 21, 2019, 01:34:14 am »

Trump CANCELS meeting with Danish PM after she refuses to discuss selling Greenland

'US President Donald Trump has cancelled a meeting with the Danish PM after she unequivocally shot down his dreams of purchasing resource-rich Greenland, a much-memed possibility about which the president was quite serious.

Trump thanked PM Mette Frederiksen for being “so direct” and sparing “a great deal of expense and effort” for both countries, which apparently have few pressing matters to discuss absent the gigantic and seemingly absurd real-estate purchase. The meeting, scheduled for two weeks into the future, would be postponed “for another time,” the president tweeted on Monday.
<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en">— Real Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump Aug 21st 2019[/size][/quote]

Frederiksen refused to even entertain the possibility, calling the purchase “absurd” and explaining more than once that “Greenland is not for sale” - and that it isn’t Denmark’s to sell, anyway. Trump, for his part, has floated the idea of purchasing the landmass multiple times, musing that “it would be nice” for strategic purposes.'

Read more: Trump CANCELS meeting with Danish PM after she refuses to discuss selling Greenland


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Vaccine Information / More evidence Aluminum in Vaccines leads to Autisim
« Last post by EvadingGrid on Aug 21, 2019, 01:32:41 am »

Scientist Discovers Cells That ‘Ingest’ Vaccine Aluminum Are The Same Cells Found In Autistic Brains

The truth is that this censorship of information is happening on all fronts, and it’s not really about media integrity, but more so about silencing and censoring information that doesn’t fit the accepted framework of certain political and elitist agendas.

News browser extension NewsGuard, for example, promises to help readers pick out fake news. However, NewsGuard is funded and run by individuals tied to the CFR, Atlantic Council and other prominent elite figures. Get the picture?

This is also why Wikileaks’ Julian Assange has been silenced, because the truth often threatens various corporate and political agendas, which are extremely unethical and immoral.

Many topics are being censored and labelled as ‘fake news.’ This includes presenting information that’s getting published by reputable academics in peer-reviewed science journals. Any type of information that goes against the medical establishment/industry is getting censored. Many papers have been retracted to protect the industry and corporate profits.'

Read more: Scientist Discovers Cells That ‘Ingest’ Vaccine Aluminum Are The Same Cells Found In Autistic Brains


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General Discussion / Prince Andrew - The Walls Are Closing In - David Icke
« Last post by EvadingGrid on Aug 21, 2019, 01:30:39 am »
Prince Andrew - The Walls Are Closing In - David Icke

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General Discussion / Re: Jeffery Epstein
« Last post by tahoeblue on Aug 20, 2019, 10:21:15 am »
epstein -> Wexner = Mega Group ....
Mega Predators Steinhardt, Bronfman, Epstein, Dershowitz
By Ryan Dawson on July 12, 2019

Titans of Industry Join Forces To Work for Jewish Philanthropy

Back in 1991 MEGA was formed. MEGA was alluded to back in the Lawrence Franklin scandal, where this Spy for Israel was passing off secret documents to Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman of AIPAC. But Mega wasn’t a mole, it was a group of Jewish Billionaires with an extensive a deep network of blackmail over government officials. Sexual blackmail was their forte.

The Mega group was founded by 4 men Charles Bronfman, Leslie Wexner,  Michael Steinhardt, and Steven Speilberg
.  The Bronfman family, Steinhardt were involved in cases of sexual harassment and sex slavery in March and May of 2019 then in July Wexner it appears has strange relationships with repeat serial child rapist Jeff Epstein.  Speilberg has been accused by multiple child actors of being a predator.


| - - - - -

Court Document Ties Wexner and Dershowitz to Epstein-Maxwell Rape Ring
By VT Editors -
July 12, 2019

Wexner, whose “foundation” to “aid Israel,” ran lobbying efforts in Washington leading to 2 million dead based on fake intelligence supplied staff used to imprison rape victims according to this court document.

Complicity by the FBI and NYPD are claimed as is the presence of Alan Dershowitz “upstairs” often with underage girls.

Wexner, owner of Bath and Body Works, Victorias Secret and The Limited, heads a group of politically active Jewish billionaires intent on solving Israel’s issues with American military lives.

| - - --  -
Jeffrey Epstein's bosses: Mega Group

Jeffrey Epstein was basically a nobody until Victoria's Secret founder Leslie Wexner gave him tens of millions of dollars, the largest private residence in Manhattan, and all the other luxuries required to seduce politicians and the powerful into ... making stupid decisions.

So let's take a closer look at Wexner and what he gets up to.

From an article 12 days before 9/11:

"Under the innocent headline, "Titans of Industry Join Forces To Work for Jewish Philanthropy," Wall Street Journal staff reporter Lisa Miller reported on an April 1998 gathering of some 20 Jewish billionaires, at the Manhattan apartment of hedge-fund manager Michael Steinhardt. That gathering involved some of the most powerful names in the Jewish lobby in America, starting with Edgar Bronfman, the chairman of the World Jewish Congress.

Others included: Charles Bronfman, Edgar's brother and a top executive of the family's flagship Seagrams Corp.; Leslie Wexner of Limited, Inc.; Charles Schusterman, chairman of Samson Investment Co. of Tulsa, Oklahoma; Harvey "Bud" Meyerhoff, a fabulously wealthy and powerful Baltimore real estate magnate; Laurence Tisch, chairman of Loews Corp.; Max Fisher, the Detroit oil magnate and Republican Party powerhouse; bagel magnate Max Lender; and Leonard Abramson, the founder of U.S. Healthcare.

According to the Journal account, the Mega Group was founded in 1991 by Wexner and Charles Bronfman, to add greater clout to the Israeli lobby, by establishing an informal, but all-powerful policymaking group, able to deploy billions of dollars in "charitable" funds for the maximum effect on U.S. policy toward Israel, the Mideast, and other issues of paramount importance to the Jewish megabillionaires.

"According to the Post account, in January 1997, the National Security Agency (NSA) had intercepted a phone conversation between an Israeli official at the embassy in Washington, and Danny Yatom, the head of the Mossad, Israel's foreign intelligence service. The official sought permission from the spy boss to "go to Mega" in order to obtain a copy of a confidential letter that had been sent by then-U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher to Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat, concerning U.S. assurances about a recently negotiated agreement for an Israeli military withdrawal from the Hebron area in the West Bank. Yatom, according to the NSA intercept, rejected the request, admonishing his agent, "This is not something we use Mega for.""

Who's Who in Mega

"Leslie Wexner: This co-founder of Mega is closely aligned with some of the top British-American-Commonwealth institutions. However, Wexner's main business is The Limited, Inc.—a holding company for such firms as Intimate Brands, Victoria's Secret, and Bath & Body Works—which he founded in 1963.
Wexner is also on the board of the Aspen Institute, an important Anglo-American world federalist think-tank."

(Recall that the Aspen Institute is where Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby, Ash Carter, NY Times "journalist" Judith Miller, Condi Rice, Philip Zelikow, and several other 9/11 suspects gathered before 9/11.)

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Prince Andrew pictured inside paedophile Jeffrey Epstein's mansion two years after he was convicted of sex crimes

In the footage, the Duke of York - then the UK's Special Representative for International Trade – is seen talking to a young woman at the door of the $120 million mansion.

Less than an hour earlier Epstein, who had been convicted of sex with a child in 2008, left the house in the company of a young blonde woman, the Daily Mail reported.'

Read more: Prince Andrew pictured inside paedophile Jeffrey Epstein's mansion two years after he was convicted of sex crimes


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