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XR are failing by focusing on increasing alienation viz our own Species & Spirit

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Make no mistake, the problem of potential extinction of other species is real.
Being prompted to hate ourselves is the wrong way, which fuels our own vulnerability.
Equally, there are many humans that are, or were, grotesques; those promoting wildlife poaching.
We are far more inclined to destroy ourselves, the human-race, and we don't need encouragement.

What extinction rebellion omitted to do, because of their approach is actually
campaign singularly in the cause of the preservation of an endangered species.
It's all about emphasising the sense of alienation from our species. A total waste.

Whilst it would have been far better in hindsight, to have held down a regular 9 to 5 London Job;
when I was 22yrs, I was already a volunteer with Greenpeace; working aboard
the original GP 'Rainbow-Warrior', fitting pre-satellite era; ship-to-shore radio-communications gear at GP HQ for the Save The Whale and halting radioactive waste-dumping campaigns. I also did a lot of street collecting for them, earned thousands for them, just by making a lot of noise on Portobello Rd of a weekend.
'All good stuff', no really. It was not a problem to make my own little contribution.

Did a good honest days' work without a view to re-arranging peoples' heads.

BS wasn't a great approach in the past, and I heartily un-recommend it now.
We are not all prisoners in some Shawshank parody of self-loathing ritual.
Portobello Rd on a weekend.
"Every animal leaves traces of what it was; man alone leaves traces of what he created".
Jacob Bronowski

I am a huge fan of protection of the most endangered, ie Whales and Gorillas.
There is a decent amount of work being done in Africa to rescue and protect
our hairy cousins. It's got to be great work to be involved in, and far more rewarding than Agit-Politique.
If you come into a pile of money, consider definitely giving a nice donation to some Gorilla sanctuary.

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Another reason these supposed 'hardcore' environmentalists fail is;
behind the mask of 'grass-roots' organisation they are seeking power:
the power of the political class.

For decades now, NGO's & voluntary groups are haughty and aloof types:
You need a degree in Zoo-biology before you can even look at a ferret
without being accused of abusing the poor animal's civil-liberties.

So, it's all self-interest actually. See Greta Thunderpants: It's all about her;
it's not about all creatures great-and-small, it's about positioning yourself as
judge, jury and self-determined nobel-prize candidature for having succeeded through
emotional blackmailing, to emote human behaviours. And all for her own aggrandisement.

They're a joke. They aren't environmentalists. They're insecure and they're thankfully, not in here.

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From 2023 buying coal for the fire will be ILLEGAL

These motherfuckers need to be stopped.

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The problem is the virus called the Illuminati.


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You don't want legacy; we don't need old news! Though..., family discord & division, is our speciality.

I do not support the decisions of The Terrible-Twins, Eric & Trump Jnr' to go all wild-bearded bushman; having it seems, set their eyes on the high-objective of a personal collection of elephant tails, lions' teeth and other sundry wild-animal spare parts from Big-game hunting on the African Savanna.
Or is it all a misunderstanding, some kind of accident; and perhaps they were just lost?
This article is more than 2-yrs old.
And I am more than 60-yrs old but try not to think about it.

Let's make soup.

"You are supposed to feel bad about having to kill an animal, so you know what it takes
for you to survive";
— Leslie Bohem.
... is one very valid narrative but seems to be lost on 'The Greatest twins on Earth'.

Too much freedom means this pussy-cat can't give the boys hugs n' kisses 'no-more'.

Eric & Trump Jnr. Couldn't they have taken up a normal working-class hobby, say: grannie-beating?

Not that Eric Trump & Trump Jnr would be eating what they poach, they just want to show how they're 'real-men'. No they are not. They're as real, as I'm real IRA.

Leave the wild-critters alone, and where they deserve to be. Yes, old-news; sickening isn't it.
And just when I thought we can all move safely along, on our prowling grounds ...


Hunting Can Contribute to Biodiversity Conservation
This is just sick. Kill a Lion to promote Lion conservation. American think. 'We do what the fuck we like.'

U.S. to Allow Elephant Trophy Imports Despite Trump’s Condemnation
March 6, 2018, 7:38 PM GMT

U.S. court ruling complicates Trump’s elephant and lion policy
2 January 2018

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"Courage mounteth with the occasion."
King John Act 2, Scene 1.

'Though a man produceth copious amounts of fetid stool; he may still be a stranger to reason'.
— "The Madness of King George (III)".


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