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Are you a slave to binary thinking?

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Are you a slave to binary thinking?
« on: Jan 05, 2020, 01:49:18 pm »


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Can one disagree with the Democratic Party without being a Republican?

Can one be disgusted with the rabid anti-Trump cult without being a slogan-parroting Trump supporter?

Can one say that Israel has the right idea when it comes to controlling its borders without being a xenophobic "white supremacist"?

Can one say that a person's gender is determined by biology rather than psychology without being "transphobic"

Can one disagree with the official story of _____ [fill in the blank] without being a "conspiracy theorist"?

Can one be anti-Zionist without being "anti-Semitic"?

Can one be opposed to the teachings of Islam without being "Islamophobic"?

Can one so much as mention the phrase "black on white crime" without being a "racist"?

Can one be anti-drug war without being pro-drug?

Can one be opposed to victim disarmament without being in favor of allowing Manchurian wind-up toys to kill school children?

Can one agree with the right to free speech without agreeing with the person exercising that right?
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