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I love physics; and the matrices and vectors enhance my delusion of being sexy.

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I think Feynman overdid it a bit, and came up with some whack-off-scale ideas supporting 'zero-point-energy' fumblings. I'd like to be more accurate and realistic than that. 'Free-energy', I think is too easy, too lazy to be a verifiable phenomenon; and I think Feynman ranted quite a bit. Visions or dreams are not reciprocated in reality.

"And, so I dreamed that if I were clever, I would find a formula for the amplitude of a path that was beautiful and simple for three dimensions of space and one of time, which would be equivalent to the Dirac equation, and for which the four components, matrices, and all those other mathematical funny things would come out as a simple consequence – I have never succeeded in that either."

The Dirac-conundrum or 'Dirac Code' (if that's what Feynman was referring to here), is the trick involving matrices, the only way to solve a Pythagorean triangle analogy problem for electron energies, which solves the dilemma of:
'there are no numbers squared, which give 1 but whose product is zero'. In matrices, there are such!
Four such 2×2, M×N (i,j) matrices exist. Almost too many more than is needed to convince the skeptic.

I can lay in bed till 3am reading "anti-matter" by Frank Close, who tells me there is an update to the original ISBN 978-0-19-955016-6, and this night last I prayed to find the remark in his book about Feynman, and did thusly:
"Richard Feynman and others showed that the electromagnetic field could turn itself into transient electrons and positrons, one of the many bizarre properties of quantum uncertainty".
That seems to have hidden implications to me. IF it has any measurable truth to it!

Hence short lived anti-matter, (nano-second lifetime positrons) can be created by simple e-m radiation.
Fact is, that process does also of course, work in the reverse sense. Positrons & electrons collide,
annihilate and produce gamma-rays (a form of e-m), amongst other possibilities for e-m excitation.

Feynman did have a formidable memory which allowed him to give his renowned lectures.
And in his amusing book:
"Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!" He recounts how whilst teaching in a Brazilian
Academy, he noted that many of his students were also 'memory-men' but that they
weren't understanding the essence of what he was teaching, they lacked instinctive insights.
They were simply reciting from memory. I guess there's a fine line to be drawn. I could do with
a mnemonic memory, as shortage of memory was always my shortcoming in the examinations.

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