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New Live-Action Moon Simulator (Just in Time)

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New Live-Action Moon Simulator (Just in Time)
« on: Nov 20, 2018, 11:04:14 am »


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Hawaii’s Mars Simulations Are Canceled
The dome where crew members practiced red-planet missions will now be converted to a simulated moon base.
Marina Koren 11:04 AM ET

Like their Mars counterparts, the moon participants will be left alone on the volcano during missions, but they will be far more in touch with the outside world. The dome will lose most of its disconnected coziness. The 20-minute communication delay will shrink to three seconds. Rogers has installed cameras in the common spaces of the habitat, and the team is currently debating whether to leave them on 24/7 or use them only in cases of emergency. Rogers is even thinking about live-streaming a mission to the public.

We couldn’t do [that] during the NASA missions because having cameras around was considered an invasion of privacy, but we’re not running a honeymoon resort. We’re running a moon base,” he said.

Rogers’s plans come at a lively time for moon exploration. Under the Trump administration, the U.S. space program has put a strong focus on developing lunar technology, and Jim Bridenstine, the NASA administrator, has said the space agency will put robotic spacecraft on the moon as early as next year, and astronauts back on the moon within 10 years. ISRO, the Indian agency, plans to put a rover and lander on the lunar surface by next spring. Russia wants to land its first cosmonaut on the moon in 2030 and eventually establish a permanent outpost. The European Space Agency, a collection of 22 nations, announced in October that will attempt to recreate the moon’s surface at a facility in Cologne, Germany so that astronauts can train for future missions. Around the world, commercial companies around the world are proposing lunar missions at a pace the world hasn’t seen since the Apollo program. [continues...]

HoHoHooo! Whuddya know?! Merry Christmassss! Just in time....

A world-wide movie produ... I mean space race, just in the [st.] nick of time to distract the world from a market crash.

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Re: New Live-Action Moon Simulator (Just in Time)
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Re: New Live-Action Moon Simulator (Just in Time)
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Read 13 times ... it says

'Does that worry you Jim (Lovell)...?'
"Well we had Ken Mattingly walk under a ladder carrying a black cat but that didn't seem to affect ..."

—From the Movie.

It's really essential, I can tell you for sure, that the human race urgently focuses on getting itself out of it's self-digesting, totally destructive, Gaien cult-like Neurosis mode and out there into the cosmos to, perhaps one day find new worlds to populate. And yes, you can call it 'distraction' if you want but that's an entirely relative term when you're seriously worried about the mental state the human race is being dragged down into. One person's 'distraction', can be another man's 'taking care of business'.

And yes, I believe we will find many ELITES and their info-Pawns opposed to the idea of saving humanity ...

You do what you gotta do but let the astrophysicists and 'steely-eyed rocket-men' do what they do best too.

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