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FDA approves first Ebola vaccine in the U.S.
An earlier study found the vaccine to be 100 percent effective in preventing Ebola.

Dec. 20, 2019, 8:14 AM PST
By Sara G. Miller

The Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday the approval of a vaccine to prevent the deadly Ebola virus.

The vaccine, called Ervebo, is the first such drug to gain FDA approval in the United States. Ervebo was approved by the European Commission in November.
In a study conducted in West Africa during the 2014-16 Ebola outbreak, the vaccine was found to be 100 percent effective in preventing the deadly disease.
The vaccine, made by Merck & Co., is administered as a single dose injection. It is approved for people ages 18 and up.

BREAKING : Government Admits New Ebola Vaccine Contains Live Ebola Virus
These biomedical breakthroughs of the decade saved lives and reduced suffering
Published Sat, Dec 28 2019
9:31 AM EST

They include the first Ebola vaccine


The Ebola vaccine

In November of 2019, European regulators finally approved an immunization against Ebola. That decision means that Merck can market its vaccine and distribute it beyond Africa. It has also been approved by regulators in the U.S.

Several vaccines are in development to prevent the outbreak of the fever, which causes such symptoms as diarrhea and bleeding, but Merck’s is the only one that was tested during a real outbreak from 2014 to 2016. Ebola has killed more than 2,000 people in the Congo since the middle of this year alone.

Merck has said that it expects to start manufacturing licensed doses of the vaccine in the third quarter of 2020, and that it is working closely with the U.S. government, public health organizations and other groups.

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You may have a point about the threat.
Ebola as an African export.

West Africa Ebola Outbreak Map
Duration 2013-2016
West Africa region (initially)

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A doctor friend of mine was rather sceptical that ebola could survive the british 'climate'.

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