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What ACTUALLY MOTIVATES the lifestyle of the above-average SCHMUCK MILLIONAIRE?

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I'm not going to pursue this ... but I'll add this example of how the BIZARRE can influence a person's

On the bus, about 18-months ago, I was returning home and a dude, a bit worse for wear,
but very clearly working-class, street savvie came to the back seat that I had otherwise to myself and
after a short interlude began recanting his entire life story as a significant drug-peddler in the British
"happy boats"; a term used to describe the Cross-Channel Class A, B & C drug smuggling on private boats
from Holland, France etc; to the UK. He was really 'genned up', knowing a lot of convincing detail and of  situations he could describe about 'Being Ahead of' Border Agency people by '"Backhand payments".
He's become rich, in the 1980's. earning £100,000's per year 'easily'. He had owned even his own boat at one point. He is now in his early 60's I guess, maybe mid-50's, as I'm conversing with him.

Via the accumulation of this fortune he had financed the future well-being & security of his numerous family members, even though he may not, as he said, have liked even his own son. He had bought his
family homes & houses all over the country right up to the outer-(or inner perhaps) Hebrides, 'doing well' by his family, as we'd say for generations to come, and so he'd be well remembered, no doubt.

Finally, after 45-mins on this long way round bus, (as I'd missed my connection, so had to take a secondary longer route), he revealed the motivation for why he had lived THAT LIFESTYLE.
I may have initiated the question, I don't know.
Either way it turned out ALL HIS ADULT LIFE he has believed that on the dark-side-of-the-moon, an alien race, waits, planning an invasion of Earth. And he was genuinely believing it, as he spoke. I could see he was serious.
He was utterly passionate that his whole life had been about protecting 'his kin' from the coming Apocalypse.
So that when he saw doubt in my eyes, he got visibly and just a little verbally upset. "You think I'm crazy" etc etc.

If you put the argument back together: What do you get?
An example of how people orient their lives,... towards fame, or infamy; wealth, influence and security by
BELIEVING the most ABSURD STORY, I've ever heard in my life. And I've seen some stuff, believe you me.

This guy turned my head.

I did get to challenge him about his main argument, a little, after I found it all generally annoying, and I wasn't the only one in that area of seats being 'a little cautious', in case this dude is gonna pounce and start hitting me .. So I like to let 'talkers' talk themselves out, before I challenge any of their assertions.
We got onto the subject of the web-surveillance and I stated sharply: "That's all Political, for political reason", and he immediately refuted that with some "It's the Government keeping an eye of what we know about the Aliens and their plans". Now, I recognise that, as being on the spectrum of classical
schizo-delusional, of some type, and I know zilch about psychiatry. So he was sticking to his guns.
And yes, he'd had his hands on guns in this country ... occasionally but claimed to have never had to use
a gun in his business .. except perhaps by mention of its name.

AND NO! I didn't get round to posing the most obvious of outstanding questions: aka
"If you were once so Do-garned rich, then how come you're sitting on a bus & using a bus-pass?"
Well, he had been in the pub: 'The Worlds' End' by name, right across the road from his bus-stop, and anyone caught drink-driving up here, knows about it. I guess that seemed obvious to me, at the time.

The Brits love their Drugs, right?
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