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dies from meningitis only MONTHS after receiving the vaccine

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Teenage boy dies from meningitis only MONTHS after receiving the vaccine

'A teenage boy, vaccinated against four strains of bacterial meningitis, became ill with a deadly form of meningitis just months after receiving the vaccine. Within 72 hours after contracting meningitis, 19-year-old Lewis Hilton lost motor control, stopped breathing on his own, and passed away.

Hilton was an active rugby player who was promised protection from meningitis when he got the quadrivalent vaccine last September. The National Health Services confirmed that a deadly strain of meningitis ultimately overtook his body, sending him into paralysis and death.

When he fell ill with flu like symptoms, Hilton’s father took him from work. He didn’t have any purple rash, a sign of typical meningitis infection. The flu was ruled out because meningitis infection affects the spinal cord, the brain lining and limb movement. Spam_A Spam_B By the time he made it to the hospital the next day, he couldn’t walk and had trouble speaking. Soon, he couldn’t even hold himself up in the hospital bed. The hospital treated him for viral and bacterial meningitis, but the infection overwhelmed the young man. He stopped breathing on his own and was put on a ventilator in his last moments of life. He passed away on January 28 at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

How can we trust vaccine science to work, if this young man died from meningitis just months after receiving the vaccine that was designed to protect against meningitis? Vaccine makers cannot predict the dominant pathogenic strain that every person will face. Vaccine makers can come up with new vaccines to expose the population’s immune systems to new pathogenic strains, but this one-size-fits-all method is just guesswork, a shot in the dark. Nature is always one step ahead — viruses and bacteria mutating to survive.'

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