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The 1947 Roswell Crash Theory You've Probably Never Heard

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The 1947 Roswell Crash Theory You've Probably Never Heard
« on: Nov 28, 2017, 08:43:19 am »

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The 1947 Roswell Crash Theory You've Probably Never Heard

Truthstream Media

Published on 31 Aug 2015

Not saying I agree with everything this journalist wrote in her book, but she definitely had some information I had never even heard of before backed up by documentation. And then there's this supposed explanation for the 1947 Roswell crash incident (and the horrors our government subsequently engaged in and probably still are to this day partly as a direct consequence) from an engineer who worked on top secret classified projects under the Manhattan Project's Vannevar Bush as part of little known elite defense contracting firm EG&G... a story which kinda blew my mind enough that I thought I should share it and get your opinion.

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Re: The 1947 Roswell Crash Theory You've Probably Never Heard
« Reply #1 on: Nov 28, 2017, 02:44:13 pm »

Al Bundy

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Roswell. I bigger believer in Aliens than "landing on the Moon in 1969! "  ;D

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Re: The 1947 Roswell Crash Theory You've Probably Never Heard
« Reply #2 on: Nov 28, 2017, 02:56:32 pm »


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I've definitely heard this before and I've come to the conclusion that it's exactly what happened. Minus the Russia/Stalin part. I think that's just an easy out for the U.S. government.

I remember documentation of scientists or doctors being appalled by discovering the "aliens" they were asked to examine were actually deformed or sick children. There was even a specific diagnosis although I can't recall at the moment and will take a lot of time to find again.

Look into electrogravitics

Electrogravitics has become popular with UFO, anti-gravity, and government conspiracy theorists where it is seen as an example of something much more exotic than electrokinetics, i.e. that electrogravitics is a true anti-gravity technology that can "create a force that depends upon an object’s mass, even as gravity does".


IMO, they moved too fast with the Roswell incident. Imagine what they could create with the splicing, chimeras, and genetic engineering today? I think it's just a matter of time until they perfect everything and launch the "alien threat" so we must come together as "one world."

And when the man she interviews says the truth is as wide as the chairs/room, that's a classic tactic of deception. The biggest secret is just about always that there is no secret. Making people believe that one day they'll be learned and initiated enough to be told the big secret is how all of the lower echelons of all the secret societies are controlled.

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Re: The 1947 Roswell Crash Theory You've Probably Never Heard
« Reply #3 on: Sep 30, 2018, 03:42:40 pm »

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I don't buy it. ... Silly woman.

"And this is where it gets really horrible ..." Urgh. 'The pilots were commotose little children ...'
Oooh Urgh.

I need to snap out of the tranquil zone she's putting me in.
Yeah! Deformed children with below special-needs performance can fly experimental Flying Disks with anti-grav engines ..! Yup, I heard it first here.

I've got all the damn books by Stanton Friedman a Physicist who worked on America's 1960's nuclear rocket engine programme, before that was cancelled. And who was even more critical in his deeply investigative books (just go search) of Vannevar Bush and the OTHER members of MJ-12. The real majestic 12.

The rest is history ... Oh one other thing. Sure EG&G ortec are rare. They're still at Los Alamos, near LANL I've dealt with them ... very helpful lady helped me track down a User Guide for one of the following pieces of kit I have on my workshop shelves. Sure they were Military contractors. Los Alamos ..? EG&G are part of LOS ALAMOS> Ring any bells? I think the author is suggesting EG&G are some super-secret lab ...
Moreover they're A PART of (originally) and still in physical very close proximity to the LAB that in ...
UFO-lore & Zeitgeist since 2002, at least, was tied in with the Roswell Crash Recovery & Disposal.

Probably long before. I can't remember all that crap.

They did a lot of co-joint work on developing specialist electronics, in the 1980's on ...
It's not as if "no-one has heard of them". I've known of them for a decade. I have 2 pieces of their junk on my shelves. And I'm in Europe.

EG&G · Princeton Research · Lock-in Amp. There's a tidier one on my shelves. Circa Late 1980's.

EG&G · Ortec · Multi-Channel Analyser (Mine's ex of the NRPB - UK Radiological Protection Board), Circa Mid 1970's.

Too much mystery. Sometimes, it's better to apply that old debunkers' fave 'occam's razor'.
What actually did they recover? It was a flying disk; aka a flying saucer.
Do we, or have we ever made a habit in the military sphere, of manufacturing Flying-Disks?
No! It's not from here. Occam's Razor.

As Stanton Friedman's' book title says:
"Flying Saucers are real".

Or were. Now, even some of the chief investigation lashups like UK's equivalent of MUFON (CUFON) told me over the blower:
What you say you saw, we believe you did not see' aka 'UFO's don't exist.'

Maybe it's the safest thing and that if people ARE DRIVEN to new frenzies of Anger & Fear cycles so easily, as by the Daily Political Grind, then true:
"Just imagine how they'd react to a sky full of Flying Saucers."
Occam's razor.

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