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Where did all the Commies go? To The EUROZONE, Pete Seeger, Silly! BBC radio 4.

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Where did all the Comrades Go?
- Twenty years ago, Britain's answer to Bolshevism

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 As if listening to Monkton's appraisals of M. Thatcher as the Queen of Counter-Communist Leadership with Reagan wasn't enough to drive JG back to the Dog-Kennel in disgust. (Non-subjugation to the 18 years of Thatcher, due to age not an excuse, albeit though neither did JG have to put up with it, for he My Precious Fecked off to Europe, ), which we suppose brings us back to this BBC programme from today.

 This 30 minute show goes a long way to providing all the evidence you need to conclude firmly that 'New Labour' and Tony Bliar were both solid Gold representations of Marxist/Leninism in the UK, post M. Thatcher & the Conservative demise of 1997.

If you think Thatcher was all about Liberal Free Market attitudes and that's all that's needed to make life sustainable, or to save your beloved nation, then think again, and think of the unscrupulous hard times you will usher in by campaigning solely for Sharp-Practice Money-Grubbing Market-Forces!

1984 occurred at the height of Thatcher's Political Reign and the Police were very keen to show up on time back in the day to illustrate the meaning of Power! Nothing like a Good Head Smashing in for the marginalised, in the name of Liberal Free Market Values. It really happened and The little girl from Lincolnshire who used to be taken aside by Mum & Dad after homework to count the day's profits from the Grocer's shop downstairs, and account for every moment of her day, got to do the Dirty Jobs of Cleaning out the Scum & Dross of the last 20 Years under Socialism. It was a nightmare for millions.

There has to be a hammer-horror movie analogy out there somewhere!

 I mean, wow! Official? BBC experts admit Blair/Browns' government had a hard-on for Communism? Jeez working-class layabout slob mates, I'm not voting for them again, not this time anyway ...

 And remember folks! "Politics is Everything."
Let us carry our Slogan High wherever we go! And never dare to think of tarnishing the image of the Incorruptible Political Classes.

 For to not do so, is to sin against Big Brother.
"Courage mounteth with the occasion."
King John Act 2, Scene 1.

'Though a man produceth copious amounts of fetid stool; he may still be a stranger to reason'.
— "The Madness of King George (III)".



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