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General Discussion / Re: WAKEY WAKEY WAKEY
« Last post by #1 Trouble Maker on Jun 01, 2020, 08:49:07 pm »
Some eyes still on it.

Another Gates Vaccine Bites the Dust
May 26, 2020
Children's Health Defense
by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Health Issues

One day after revelations that the Gates/Fauci Moderna vaccine caused severe illnesses in 20% of high-dose recipients, Bill Gates got devastating news about his other “warp-speed” COVAX bet. The Oxford Vaccine Group (OVG) spike-protein vaccine was on an even faster track than Moderna. In May, Melinda Gates predicted it would be jab-ready by years’ end. Oxford and UK officials promised 30 million doses by September.

On April 24, OVG scientists announced that a small macaque study proved the vaccine effective. OVG quickly recruited 510 healthy volunteers for human trials. Pre-publication data released on May 13th reveals the vaccine is less promising than the OVG team implied.

All vaccinated macaques sickened after exposure to COVID-19. Edinburgh University’s Eleanor Riley told Forbes the vaccine provided “insufficient” antibodies to prevent infection and viral shedding. Vaccinated monkeys spread the disease as readily as unvaccinated.


Latest vid here connects Fauci's wife, Christine Grady, to being head of Section on Human Subjects Research at NIH. Prior vids break down ALL the who's whos including the WHO.

Another Gates Death Vax Stock Sores NOVAVAX

In December this stock traded @ around $3.5 USD today it sits at around $60 a share.  So, does Gates REALLY care about us so much he just can't stop getting richer by the minute to save us all from a virus HE owns the stock in?

Oh, By The Way...
NOTE @ link that this 'COVID vaccine' has been in the works since 2015.  Still don't think that these soft kill / sterilization vaccines are NOT already, ready?

General Discussion / Before It's News
« Last post by #1 Trouble Maker on Jun 01, 2020, 08:01:49 pm »
Before It's News
Globalist Kanundum OR Self-fulfilling Prophecy?

Is There A Bio Agent In That Tear Gas? Hmm?

Do the globalists have a real problem now SELLING the public on a "second wave" of pandemic?  It seemed that EVERY 'unauthorized / unapproved' gathering of people that was shamed by the EVENT201 stakeholder media, "spread COVID" far and wide.  Yet during the USA Floyd riots / protests, 1000's mostly unmasked people where screaming and spiting their saliva everywhere.  The riots spreading COVID seems to be the very last thing the Gates stakeholder media wants to discuss.  My take, is that, if we don't see Mike Adams "mass graves as seen from space" within the next three weeks the globalists may have a problem selling their 'second COVID wave' operation.

The riots / protests seem to be just what the EVENT201 stakeholders want to shut down decent once THEY start taking people from their homes [as we saw in Canada] once the 'next' leg of this power grab operation takes place.  I can hear it now... "We were just ready to get back to 'normal' until those protesters ruined it for everyone"  Once THEY start removing people from their homes, don't you dare protest or you will really, really, really kill the entire planet.

General Discussion / Re: Minneapolis is burning down
« Last post by tahoeblue on Jun 01, 2020, 04:44:46 pm »
Soros in action ...
Watch: ‘We Need to Burn This Sh*t Down… The West Is Falling!’ Black Lives Matter Protest in London
1 Jun 2020

The George [SOROS] Floyd protests took a global turn over the weekend as Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists took to the streets of London to ‘stand up to racism’ and to celebrate the riots engulfing the United States, which they claim is a signal that “the West is falling”.

In a Breitbart News Network exclusive video, thousands of protesters were filmed gathering in Central London on Sunday, in open defiance of the national coronavirus restrictions.

In stark contrast to the arrests of peaceful anti-lockdown protesters in Hyde Park the day before, the Metropolitan Police took no actions to stop the left-wing demonstration that lasted well into the evening and spanned several miles of the city.


General Discussion / Re: Minneapolis is burning down
« Last post by Al Bundy on Jun 01, 2020, 03:42:14 pm »
George Floyd
Published 23 hours ago
Last Update 20 hours ago

Susan Rice makes claim Russians could be behind violent George Floyd demonstrations
General Discussion / Re: Minneapolis is burning down
« Last post by tahoeblue on Jun 01, 2020, 01:02:03 pm »
5G Just in Time for the Virus /  Riots ?
Have 5g + new nanotech rfid been rolled out ?

Bernard B. Kerik@BernardKerik
Bernard B. Kerik, 40th Police Commissioner of the New York City Police Department, and NY Times bestselling author.

Is there anyone that truly believes that this was not an organized event? How much do you think it would cost for communications and travel and manpower for an event like this. Who’s money is behind it?

Minnesota is one of the early leaders in 5G wireless. What does that mean for the cities where it’s being rolled out?
By Peter Callaghan | 07/23/2019   

5G wireless will increase speeds and make way for everything from driverless vehicles to remote-controlled surgery. And backers of the technology — 5G stands for fifth generation — say it will be a potent economic development generator that has geopolitical implications. China is considered ahead of the U.S., for example, and woe is the economy that finishes second.


Now, two years later, Minnesotans are starting to notice the rapidly proliferating result of that decision, as all four national wireless carriers are installing an array of equipment on light and utility poles in at least three Minnesota cities, mostly for devices not yet widely available.

“We have worked closely with Minneapolis both in the Legislature and through the deployment of small cells in the streets,” wrote David Weissman, a public relations manager for Verizon. “Their cooperation has driven the investment needed to make Minneapolis one of the first cities in the world with a 5G network available for consumers, businesses and first responders.”[/size]
Las Vegas does 5G its own way, looking to win big as a smart city

From smart parks tracking unwanted visitors to self-driving medical transport: Here's everything Vegas is kicking off.
Corinne Reichert
Jan. 18, 2020 5:00 a.m. PT

 I looked up, seeing nodes and cameras attached to a traffic signal. I guess smart cities will look less like something from Blade Runner and more like they do now, just with sensors hanging from everything possible -- street signs, bus shelters, mobile towers, buildings.

Las Vegas is one of many cities investing in smarter infrastructure, looking to make life easier for both residents and tourists under an ambitious technology plan. It's part of a broader trend that leverages technology like sensors, 5G networks, supercomputers and self-driving vehicles.

The heart of the project is the Las Vegas International Innovation Center, located in a nondescript office building on 4th Street in Downtown Vegas. The big glass windows are adorned with the logos of companies helping Vegas with its vision: AT&T, which deployed the smart lights; Dell, which handles edge computing; NTT Data, a Japanese tech company that helps analyze the data being collected; and Cisco, which helped with a self-driving cars project. Inside, the center is decorated with prototype smart street lights and scale models showing how parks and buildings are connected.

By 2025, Las Vegas plans to be "a peer to Silicon Valley," said Michael Sherwood, director of the Department of Information Technologies for the City of Las Vegas. He wants to make Vegas not only the capital of entertainment but also the capital of innovation and technology.

A private 5G network

5G, the next generation of mobile technology, was a big buzzword at CES 2020, with carriers like Verizon promising a bevy of cutting-edge devices coming out this year. But Vegas wants to go even further.

"We're creating our own private 5G network,"
Sherwood revealed exclusively to CNET. The city will use unlicensed spectrum, kicking off the project in the first quarter of this year for an initial test launch by summer 2020. It's working with multiple undisclosed partners as well as buying its own equipment and building out the network itself.

| - - -
Nashville, Louisville among first cities to get 5G technology from AT&T
by Adrian MojicaWednesday, December 19th 2018

| - - -
New York and Salt Lake are about to become 5G test-bed cities

The newly named "Innovation Zones" will get city-scale testing of advanced wireless technologies like 5G.
Sept. 18, 2019 11:33 a.m. PT

The Federal Communications Commission named New York City and Salt Lake City as its first two "Innovation Zones" on Wednesday. The two metro areas will act as city-scale test-beds for advanced wireless communications and network research and experimentation, including 5G, according to a press release.

Both cities already have licensed experimental programs under way. The Innovation Zone extends the areas in which tests can be done, and gives the flexibility to conduct multiple experiments under one authorization. It's meant to help develop new technologies and services, while also protecting existing services against interference, the release said.
This won't be either city's first foray into 5G: AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have all announced that they are building 5G networks in New York City, and some have launched 5G in parts of the city already. Verizon also plans to have 5G launched in Salt Lake City and more than 30 others by the end of 2019.

Innovation Zones -- which are supported by the National Science Foundation,
as well as a group of telecom and tech companies -- will pair local universities and cities for test-bed development and deployment. Researchers with experimental licenses in other areas can also use these zones, the release said. All involved must comply with FCC guidelines and provide advanced notice of their projects.

| - - -
Verizon just switched on 5G wireless coverage in these Dallas neighborhoods
Verizon plans to bring new service to the entire Dallas metro area with more announcements to come in the next few months.
By Dom DiFurio
3:30 AM on Oct 25, 2019

Verizon is rolling out its 5G wireless service in five Dallas neighborhoods, including downtown Dallas, the company announced Friday.

| - - -
Verizon turns on 5G in Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis and Washington, DC
Verizon's 5G rollout has added four new cities.
July 31, 2019 6:15 a.m. PT

Verizon is continuing to expand its 5G deployment, nearly doubling its count of next-generation network locations with four additional cities Wednesday. New to the live list: Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis and Washington, DC.

All cities were part of Verizon's previously announced list of areas due to get 5G in 2019, with service in the new locations going live today. The carrier has previously announced that it plans to launch 5G in over 30 cities this year, having already gone live in Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis and St. Paul, and Providence, Rhode Island.

| =- - -
Published on Apr 11, 2020

I lived in Portland OR my whole life never seen this tower on this block. On dekum street
Portland, OR 5G Coverage T-Mobile Available
George Floyd & the Police: What you aren't being told

<iframe width="853" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Last Edit by Palmerston

The only thing I disagree with her on, is that the war on drugs is a failed war.  It is one of the most successful wars that US government has every launched.  Thanks for posting this EG. 

The US government took off the smiley face it uses while stepping on neck of those it hates and oppresses.  Witness evil in all its glory.
General Discussion / Re: SARS Like - Bats for U - COVID-19
« Last post by tahoeblue on Jun 01, 2020, 11:07:15 am »
Two 'Unusual' COVID-19 Features Convincing Scientists It Was Man-Made
Mon, 06/01/2020 - 11:15

First, the virus binds more strongly to human ACE2 enzymes than any other species, including bats.

Second, SARS-CoV-2 has a "furin cleavage site" missing in its closes bat-coronavirus relative, RaTG-13, which makes it significantly more infectious - a finding we reported in late February.

According to Israeli geneticist, Dr. Ronen Shemesh, the Furin site is the most unusual finding.

"I believe that the most important issue about the differences between ALL coronavirus types is the insertion of a Furin protease cleavage site at the Spike protein of SARS-CoV-2," he said. "Such an insertion is very rare in evolution, the addition of such 4 Amino acids alone in the course of only 20 years is very unlikely."

Shamesh, who is working on a treatment for COVID-19, believes the novel coronavirus was most likely created in a lab, and did not evolve in nature.

"There are many reasons to believe that the COVID-19 generating SARS-CoV-2 was generated in a lab
. Most probably by methods of genetic engineering," he said, adding "I believe that this is the only way an insertion like the FURIN protease cleavage site could have been introduced directly at the right place and become effective."


Meanwhile, Flinders University Professor Nikolai Petrovsky found either "a remarkable coincidence or a sign of human intervention," telling the Telegraph that COVID-19 is "exquisitely adapted to humans."

"We really don’t know where this virus came from - that’s the truth. The two possibilities is that it was a chance transmission of a virus...the other possibility is that it was an accidental release of the virus from a laboratory," he said, adding "One of the possibilities is that an animal host was infected by two coronaviruses at the same time and COVID-19. The same process can happen in a petri-dish."

"In other words COVID-19 could have been created from that recombination event in an animal host or it could have occurred in a cell-culture experiment. I’m certainly very much in favour of a scientific investigation. Its only objective should be to get to the bottom of how did this pandemic happen and how do we prevent a future pandemic."

Meanwhile, if you can stand 26 minutes of adrenaline-inducing fear porn soundtrack, Australia's Sky News has put together a segment obliterating the wet market theory, noting China's poor track record of biolab security, and tying together much of the emerging findings supporting the lab-origin theory.
General Discussion / Re: Minneapolis is burning down
« Last post by tahoeblue on Jun 01, 2020, 10:44:24 am »
Donald J. Trump
The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.
9:23 AM · May 31, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
Bernard B. Kerik
Bernard B. Kerik, 40th Police Commissioner of the New York City Police Department, and NY Times bestselling author.

Is there anyone that truly believes that this was not an organized event? How much do you think it would cost for communications and travel and manpower for an event like this. Who’s money is behind it?

| - - - -
Federal Protection Services officer killed in Oakland drive-by shooting identified
Dave Patrick Underwood was a lifelong Pinole resident

 OAKLAND, CA – MAY 30: Security guards talk to a pedestrian outside a security booth damaged by gunshots at the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building in Oakland, Calif., on Saturday, May 30, 2020. People protested last night all over the country because of George Floyd’s death by a Minneapolis police officer. Many downtown businesses were damaged and looted. Two federal officers were shot at the corner of Jefferson St. and 12th St. outside the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building. One of the Federal Protective Officers died while the other sustained injuries, according to a statement from FBI San Francisco. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

By David DeBolt | | Bay Area News Group
PUBLISHED: May 31, 2020 at 3:47 p.m. | UPDATED: June 1, 2020 at 2:57 a.m.

The Federal Protective Services officer shot and killed in Oakland on Friday was a 53-year-old Pinole resident, authorities said Sunday.

The FBI identified the officer as Dave Patrick Underwood, who friends remembered as a good-natured man and talented athlete in his days at Pinole Valley High School. U.S. Department of Homeland security officials have called the shooting that killed Underwood and wounded another officer an act of “domestic terrorism” but the FBI has not established a motive
Underwood and another officer were shot at about 9:45 p.m. Friday near the intersection of 12th and Jefferson streets. The guards were on duty patrolling the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building, as a protest was occurring blocks away near City Hall.

How appropriate ... Dellums proud ?
Ron Dellums: A black Democratic socialist in Congress

As we watch activists from groups like Black Lives Matter make decisions to run for political office, we should also be aware of the history of the men and women who first opened those doors by making the transition from protest to electoral politics.

One of the foremost is Ronald Vernie "Ron" Dellums, elected as a Democrat to the 92nd Congress in 1970 from the Berkeley, California, City Council. An open Democratic socialist, he went on to serve 13 consecutive terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. He was then mayor of Oakland, California, from January 8, 2007 to January 3, 2011. At 80 years old, he has continued his activism.

| - - - -

Antifa Terrorists? Feds Have Reportedly Classified Their Activities as 'Domestic Terrorist Violence'
By John Haltiwanger On 9/1/17 at 2:10 PM EDT

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has formally classified the activities of anti-fascist groups (antifa) as "domestic terrorist violence" since early 2016, according to confidential law enforcement documents obtained by Politico and interviews.

Federal authorities have reportedly warned state and local officials the antifa has become "increasingly confrontational" in efforts to thwart white supremacist groups.

Newly disclosed documents show authorities believed "anarchist extremists" were the main cause of violence at a number of public rallies. A confidential 2016 joint intelligence assessment by DHS and the FBI blamed the antifa for attacks on a range of targets, including police, government institutions and symbols of "the capitalist system."

DHS Finally Declare Antifa ‘Terrorist Organization’
July 3, 2017

The Department of Homeland Security has finally declared Soros-funded far-left group Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.

On the DHS website, the so-called “anti-fascist” group is described as a “subset anarchist movement” who focus on issues “involving racism, sexism and anti-semitism,” by inciting violence across the United States.

DHS reports: Self-described Antifa groups have been established across the United States and in several major cities, including New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco. A majority of New Jersey-based anarchist groups are affiliated with the Antifa movement and are opposed to “fascism,” racism, and law enforcement. Antifa groups coordinate regionally and have participated in protests in New York City and Philadelphia. There are three loosely organized chapters in New Jersey, known as the North Jersey Antifa, the South Jersey Antifa, and the HubCity Antifa New Brunswick (Middlesex County).

In December 2016, a group known as the Antifascist Action-Nebraska engaged in a doxing campaign against a prominent member of American Vanguard, a white supremacist organization. The group published his personal information on several social media platforms and posted fliers on the University of Nebraska Omaha campus, calling for his expulsion.

| - - -

Video / Internet TV / Re: The Music Thread
« Last post by tahoeblue on Jun 01, 2020, 10:32:18 am »
Trouble Every Day - Mothers of Invention
Published on Aug 30, 2010

Mothers Of Invention. 1965 (Freak Out)

Footage from LA riots 1965 and 1992 from Crips and the Bloods - Made in America.

Well I'm about to get up sick
From watchin my t.v.
Been checkin' out the news
Until my eyeballs fail to see
I mean to say that every day
Is just another rotten mess
And when it's gonna change, my friend
Is anybody's guess
So I'm watching and I'm waiting
Hopin' for the best
Even think I go to praying
Every time I hear them sayin'
That there's no way to delay
That trouble comin' everyday
No way to delay
That trouble comin' every day

Wednesday I watched the riot
I've seen the cops out on the street
Watch them throwing rocks and stuff and choking in the heat
Listen to reports
About the whiskey passin' round
Seen the smoke and fire
And the market burnin' down
Watched while everybody on his street would take a turn
They stomp and smash and bash and crash and slash and bust 'n burn
And I'm watching and I'm waitin hopin' for the best
Even think I go to prayin'
Every time I hear em sayin'
That there's no way to delay
That trouble comin' every day
No way to delay
That trouble comin' everyday

You can cool it
You can heat it
Cause baby I don't need it
Take your t.v. tube and eat it
And all that phony stuff on sports
And all those unconfirmed reports
You know I watch that rotten box
Until my head begin to hurt

From checkin' out the way
The newsmen say they get the dirt
Before the guys on channel so and so
And further they assert
That any show they litter up
They bring you news if it comes up
They say that if the place blows up
They will be the first to tell
Cause the boys they got downtown
Working hard and doin swell
And if anybody gets the news
Before it hits the streets
They say that no one blams it faster
Their coverage can't be beat
And if another woman driver
Gets machine gunned from her seat
They'll send some joker with a brownie
And youll see it all complete

So I'm watching and I'm waiting
Hopin for the best
Even think I go to praying
Every time I hear them saying
That there's no way to delay
That trouble comin' everyday
No way to delay
That trouble comin' every day

Well I've seen the fires burnin'
And the local people turnin'
All the merchants and the shops
Who use to sell their brooms and mops
And every other household item
Watch the mob just turn and bite em
And they say it serve them right
Because a few of them are white
And it's the same across the nation
Black and white discrimination
Yell and you can understand me
And all that other crap they hand me
In the papers and t.v.
And all that mass stupidity
That seems to grow more everyday
These time of year some asshole say
He wants to go and do you in
Cause the color of your skin
Just don't appeal to him
No matter if it's black or white
Because he's out for blood tonight
General Discussion / Re: Minneapolis is burning down
« Last post by EvadingGrid on Jun 01, 2020, 12:30:03 am »
Can not be arsed to comment.

Various ideological groups are attaching their tired old and stale dogma to current events.

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