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Portable generator

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Portable generator
« on: Jun 21, 2016, 06:27:18 pm »


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This isn't spam or a promotion.  That's a link to the generator I bought recently.  Speculation about the "grid going down," so I thought it was time to get a generator.

This is a small one, but effective.  Has 2-3 features that most cheap ones don't have.  Gas efficient and strong enough to keep a refrigerator cool, charge a cell phone and so on.  I powered mine up and ran it for a couple of hours, no issues.  Smooth running and not that loud.

The price on Amazon was $188 when I first looked, then over a couple of weeks it dropped 3-4 times and I bought at $159, plus tax.  Free shipping too ($56 saving).

For my possible needs I can't beat this.  Wanted to pass on the info, maybe someone else has thought of an emergency generator.  Read the reviews on this one.  I didn't see one that beat it.
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Re: Portable generator
« Reply #1 on: Jun 24, 2016, 05:09:31 am »


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Good price on the genny Rex.  Do a search in your
area for gas stations that sell Non-ethanol gasoline,
the real  "Supreme"  gas.    If you run Un-leaded in
your genny it'll last about 2 years and eat the insides
of the engine. 

Non-ethanol gasoline (supreme) also stores really good
and you don't need to use any stabilizers like you do when
you store Un-leaded gasoline.   

We use real super (non-ethanol) in all our gas engined stuff
from the tractor to the log splitter engine, and the weed eater.
In my area,  on June 13th,  I topped off the gas cans with
Non-ethanol and it was $3.14 a gallon.

Now that you have a genny, keep a spare spark plug,
and filters for it on hand.   Cycle your fridge or freezer
for 30 minutes at a time to maintain internal fridge / freezer
temperature a few times in a 24 hour period.   

Also keep it pretty far away from your front  or back door when it's
running, even a good sealed door, fumes (carbon monoxide)
can still find its way into your home. 

I need a minimum of a 10KW genny (10,000 watts)
to fire up the well here.   I need a good 8,100 surge watts
for a few minutes of genny run time to fire up the pump, then
once it's up and running,  I need about 4,500 watts just for the
well to operate.   

What I don't like these days with most big gennys is they
don't have a dual start option, I don't want to be dependent
on a "push start"  only genny and have the battery conk on me
when I need it.    Though they can be a bear at times, I like the
pull cord options to start one.

I have a wish list for my big genny here and also the fuel
tank capacity, I just don't like what I'm finding.   I've kicked a
lot of tires on big gennys and I'm still holding out for what I want.
Glad you got yours though, hope you never need it. 
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