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LOL! This is what globalist puppets look like w/o a heavily rehearsed script

Started by Dr. Naomi Hunter, May 27, 2020, 09:34:06 AM

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Dr. Naomi Hunter

Greta Thunberg without a script to read from

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One Revelator

Reminds me of Obama when his teleprompter broke. Or Hollywood stars when they're no being directed...the empty shell becomes apparent.

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Shipp knows exactly who "they" are. Books and slideshow available.

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Quote from: Dr. Naomi Hunter on May 27, 2020, 09:34:06 AM
Greta Thunberg without a script to read from

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Greta has long been expose as a 'wanna be' child actress BEFORE she even started acting for the globalists.  THEY will wheel out another Greta after they have killed a majority of people and sterilized the rest.  In typical snot nosed globalist fashion, this new, or future Greta. will shame all those who want to live past the age of 30 and have children.

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The Greta Thunberg India Flap, A Psyop Within A Psyop?

What the average joe / Jane Sixpack DOES know about little snot nosed Greta Thunberg [if they are willing to simply scratch the surface in doing some basic research], is that she was / is a child actress who 'purportedly' has autism [see child 'actress'].  Another thing they ALSO know about little agent Thunberg is she is a mouth piece for the less than 1% global aristocrats lobbying for ALL of DAVOS, Rothschild's, Rockeffeler, Club of Rome, agenda's. 

Just like Snopes who got caught being a front for 'secret' financial backed entities who ALL jumped ship once Ms. agent 'cat lady' filed for divorce from her hubby, and the domain [Snopes] became a contention of public record, it would appear that little Greta's handlers goofed and posted her marching orders on her Twitter account.  Or was it an accident?

True, the Indian farmers are protesting the Indian government, the problem for little agent Greta, is that the Indian people are protesting the very draconian measures the DAVOS et al great reset crowd put on them which Greta backs.

What I find suspicious with this Twitter / Greta / Indian Government flap, is the ultimate narrative of... "oh, thank GOD the 'government' caught this anti-government disinfo before it could spread!" The Indian government is also saying in their OWN actions... "Of course we are NOT looking into little agent Greta herself, just the bad actors that posted on her behalf".  Oh yeah, sure.